Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1451 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1451 [Eleven Jewell]

Chapter 1451

Michael had turned down the gig with Vermont, even if it meant risking their relationship. He believed he had secured a spot on the Saun family’s high-profile event, only to realize he had actually passed up the opportunity to work with the true Saun heiress.

He and Vermont had known each other for six or seven years. When they first met, Vermont’s fame was nowhere near what it is today. Green Hill Media was just starting to make waves in the industry. Vermont recognized Michael’s skills from when he did makeup for his artists. So, Vermont would often reach out to him whenever work was available.

Back then, Michael did not have much recognition. He would take on any job, regardless of how much it paid. As his reputation grew, he found that the income of a makeup artist was very different when he was famous. After gaining recognition, the price of his services for A-list celebrities increased many times. He became highly sought after, and outsiders would address him as Mr. Caleb. Moreover, he had significant control over the pricing of his services.

He made a fortune doing makeup for anyone except for Green Hill Media’s artists. After his status skyrocketed, Vermont’s payments to him were only half of what other clients paid. This was especially true because Vermont never paid a deposit and only made verbal agreements.

Michael wanted to stop taking jobs from Green Hill Media long ago. So, when Jaylene approached him to do her makeup, he agreed without much thought. She was the heiress of the Saun family in Rivera and the sister of Elegant Media’s owner. He would not be afraid of offending Vermont if he could make her happy and secure the Saun family’s support. His future jobs would only be of higher caliber.

Michael never imagined that the job he turned down from Vermont was actually for the legitimate Saun family heiress. He had already witnessed how much the Saun family doted on her at the scene just now. ‘If I hadn’t turned down that job, I would have been the one doing her makeup today,’ he thought. The more the Saun family doted on Stella, the more benefits Michael would have reaped.

And now, not only did he turn down the makeup job for the true heiress of the Saun family, but she also heard the content of last night’s call. It was clear that he did not refuse to take Jaylene’s appointment because he did not want Vermont’s job. Michael was unwilling to give up this opportunity to climb higher in the industry.

The reputation of being a top makeup artist had inflated Michael’s ego over the years. He had started to become conceited. He thought all of his success was because of his own abilities. But in reality, Hustuabourg was big. There were far more talented makeup artists than the few he knew. Most people just did not get the opportunity to showcase their work.

When Vermont first met Michael, all he did was focus on doing makeup. He was not much of a talker. Vermont

thought he was reliable and had decent makeup skills, so he kept his contact information. Whenever his artists had events, he would call Michael to do their makeup.

Vermont was indeed frugal, but he was not ignorant of social etiquette. After Michael gained fame, the compensation Vermont offered him increased along with Michael’s status. He just did not think about providing a tip for the makeup team. The reason was simple: he had a wide network in the industry and had brought Michael a lot of work over the years. This included the several celebrities who paid for Michael’s work, all of whom Vermont had recommended.

Vermont thought that since he brought him so much work and made plenty of money, it was not unreasonable for him not to tip Michael. However, humans are greedy by nature. Michael felt that Vermont was taking advantage of their relationship now that he was much more famous.


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