Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1452 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1452 [Eleven Jewell]

The realization of missing out on an opportunity to work for the true Saun family heiress gnawed at Michael. His face grew pale, and his lips quivered before he managed to speak. “M-Mr. Snyder never mentioned that it was you who wanted the makeup.”

Stella maintained her smile and her tone. “Once you’ve made a commitment, you should have the integrity to keep it regardless of who it is, no? Did Mr. Snyder offer you less than my sister did, causing you to change your mind at the last minute? Given your close ties with him, I’m sure he would’ve understood if you just said something.”

Michael stood frozen, and his face was still pale. He struggled to answer Stella’s prompt.

Jaylene pressed her lips together, and she attempted to explain. “Stella, this is most likely a misunderstanding. Mr. Snyder didn’t provide a deposit, so Mr. Caleb might have thought that it was a casual mention.”

Stella turned her attention to Jaylene, and her voice tinged with a hint of irony. “I didn’t know that…”

This single statement caused a stir among the onlookers.

“Wait, how did Jaylene know that there wasn’t a deposit?”

“Could she have intentionally snatched the makeup artist away from someone else?”

“I heard something like this earlier, but I’m not sure…”

“What did you hear?”

“There was gossip in the group chat saying that Vermont was running around trying to find a makeup artist in the middle of the night. A makeup artist of Michael’s talent usually requires advanced booking, so they were in quite the trouble.”

“This means that Michael knew he couldn’t make it well beforehand. But, instead of letting Mr. Snyder know early, he waited until the last minute to back out. Was he intentionally putting the other party in a tough spot?”

“This is so intriguing, especially since the other person who hired him was Jaylene.”

“Look at her. She’s all dolled up when she isn’t even the main focus of the event. The fact that she hired Michael knowing that he was supposed to do makeup for Stella shows her intentions.”

Jaylene’s face turned pale, as she listened to the people’s discussions. “I heard about it from Mr. Caleb after he did my makeup. I genuinely didn’t know that you had arranged for him to do your makeup. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have approached him,” she hurriedly explained.

Stella smiled faintly. “Whether you knew or not doesn’t matter anymore. I wouldn’t want to work with makeup artists like him, who are only after profit and have no sense of loyalty. You have to keep your eyes peeled when you hire a makeup artist, sis. With your natural beauty, you’d be better off without these overhyped makeup artists who could potentially ruin your existing grace.”

Stella was just a step away from saying they were all show and no substance.

Jaylene’s expression turned grim, and her fingers trembled slightly. Suddenly, her eyes reddened, and her voice choked. “Stella, you’ve really misunderstood the situation. Ever since dad told me you were his daughter, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this day. I valued this moment, and all the effort I put into dressing up was just to leave a good impression on you. I didn’t know that because of me, you almost couldn’t find a makeup artist in time. Even if it wasn’t intentional, I’m still to blame. I’m sorry. Truly, I’m so-“

Before Jaylene could finish her sentence, her body suddenly stiffened. She clutched her neck. Her mouth opened and closed as if she could not breathe while she made a wheezing sound.

Stella was startled. She quickly realized that Jaylene was having an asthma attack.


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