Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2916 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2916 By verygoodnovel-In the living room, the manager and Elliot were left.

The manager secretly glanced at Elliot, wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to say it.

“Speak up if you have something to say.” Elliot broke the embarrassment.

“Mr. Foster, you are someone I admire very much. I have always thought that you are very successful in both career and family. You must be a very wise person…”

“Okay, please skip these compliments and get straight to the point.” Elliot felt a headache when he heard it.

His wife ignored him, and the four children were about to ignore him.

If the paternity test results were unsatisfactory, the wife and children would not only ignore him, but will also reject him.

In this situation, for a middle-aged man, the blow was really invincible.

“You have been wise for half your life, why did you suddenly make such a serious mistake?” The manager sighed, “Your wife is so good, and your four children are so good, why do you have to seek that excitement?”

Elliot: “I didn’t! Why don’t you believe me?”

Manager: “Ah… If you really didn’t have one, how could your wife turn her face?”

Elliot: “The paternity test between me and that child hasn’t come out yet.”

Manager: “Oh… how long will it take for the results to come out?”

Elliot gritted his teeth: “I’ll let them get the results within three days.”

Manager: “Oh! Awesome! I heard that the paternity test takes a week and a half. I didn’t expect the result to be available in three days.”

Elliot: “…”

Manager: “You’d better sign the agreement I brought just now. If you are wronged, that agreement is invalid for you. If you are not wronged, then you are at fault. A lawsuit against property will ruin your reputation for the rest of your life.”

Elliot: “That child really isn’t mine.”

Manager: “So you don’t have to worry.”

Elliot: “Really? But you have seen my daughter’s attitude towards me just now. Before the result came out, I was a sinner through the ages.”

On days like this, every second was suffering.

Manager: “If you think about it in another place, you can actually calm down a little.”

Elliot: “…”

This manager was really comforting.

After Elliot changed his mind, he really calmed down a lot.


After knocking on the door, Layla called out to her mother.

Avery opened the door.

“Mom, here’s the contract, take a look.” Layla entered the room and closed the door, “Why don’t you go live with Eric and me first! We’ll talk about it when the appraisal results come out.”

Avery accepted the contract and said calmly: “I’ll just wait here for the result. If the child belongs to him, he should be the one who leaves, not me.”

“That’s right. Then I’ll come back to live with you in the next few days.” Layla said without thinking, “Check the contract to see if there is any problem. If there is no problem, I will take it down and sign it for him.”

After reading it, Avery found no problem, so she handed the contract to Layla.

“Did you see that child? It was just born.” Although Avery was in grief, when he got older, he was a little more open-minded than when he was young.

Even without Elliot, her life would still go on.

She wanted to watch all four of her children get married.

Layla nodded: “That child looks quite like Dad. But Dad still quibbles! I’m really going to be p!ssed off by him! I think he is old and confused! With my brother when he returns, I’ll take my dad to the hospital to examine his brain.”


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