Return Of The God Of War Chapter 274

Chapter 274

Chloe looked surprised. “My attitude?”

“Yeah, your attitude will determine the price!”

Emmett put on a wicked grin. “I’ll be straightforward with you then, Ms. Macy. Just sleep with me for one night and I’ll reduce the price to eighty million.”

“What?” Chloe’s expression changed.

She immediately understood that Emmett had deliberately raised the price.

I knew it! It’s only eighty million at most.

He raised the price to two hundred million just so he could coerce me into sleeping with him.

Emmett got up and walked closer to Chloe. “Think about it, Ms. Macy. You are worth one hundred and twenty million! Isn’t that a great deal? You’re definitely the most expensive woman in the world!”

“Emmett Browne! You did this on purpose! Do you think I’m blind? You know what, that’s a big fat no!” Chloe retaliated.

“So what if I did it on purpose? If you don’t agree, I swear your friend can never rent an office building in North Hampton! It’s a matter of my words with my connections and reputation. Think wisely before you answer me.” Emmett laughed cunningly. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

Chloe fell into a daze.

Emmett definitely has the ability to do this.

As someone who took Levi’s affairs more seriously than herself, she would feel sorry if she couldn’t find an office building for him.

In her trance, Emmett lunged toward her.

“Come on. Just give in to me, will you? I’ll be nice.” Emmett laughed obscenely.

Whether Chloe was willing or not, he was determined to sleep with her today.

He had already arranged someone to take care of Levi so that no one would disturb him.

In the nick of time, the security door banged open and then crashed on the ground.

Levi’s dramatic entrance froze Emmett and Chloe to the spot.

How did Levi kick open the security door?

Is he even human?

Levi slowly approached Emmett while smoking a cigarette.

All the security guards behind him had collapsed to the ground…

Levi sent the pervert flying with a single kick and he slammed heavily on the table, spitting blood.

“The nerve of you to hit me! I swear you’ll be in for a nasty ride and you can never rent an office building in North Hampton!” Emmett howled.

Levi puffed on his cigarette and sat down in his leather chair. “I was going to negotiate with you as an ordinary person, but I didn’t expect you to be someone like this. Well, I’m going to lay my cards on the table. The entire Union Square belongs to me now!”

Emmett snorted, “Keep boasting!”

Although Chloe knew Levi’s strength, she thought he was getting way ahead of himself to buy the entire Union Square.

Levi called the head of the Rogers family, Glenn, “Hello, Rogers? It’s Levi. I’ll give you ten minutes. Buy out the entire Union Square!”

Glenn was shocked at first, then he said, “The Rogers family holds the controlling share to Union Square, so it’s practically yours.”

“Okay. Come over and settle the paperwork.” Levi said.

“Buying the entire Union Square in ten minutes? You know, I may have the management right in Union Square, but the Rogers family has absolute control over it.” Emmett was still clamoring.

Five minutes later, the Rogers arrived.

Emmett quickly donned a welcoming smile when he saw them. “What brings you here, Mr. Rogers?”

Emmett’s livelihood depended on the family.

A word from them would decide his life and death.


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