Return Of The God Of War Chapter 275

Chapter 275

Hence, Emmett was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he saw the Rogers family.

Anthony suddenly punched him in the face, causing blood to spurt from his wounds.

Leo and the rest joined in giving Emmett a violent beating.

While Chloe wore a blank, flabbergasted expression, Glenn disregarded them as he handed a contract to Levi with a smile. “Union Square belongs to you now, Mr. Garrison!”

Emmett’s face lit up with surprise when he heard that.

Who on earth is this man to have the Rogers family hand over Union Square in less than ten minutes?

“Mr. Garrison,” Leo said. “I swear this trash, Emmett, will have one hell of a life from here on!”

Then Emmett was thrown out of the building.

“That would be nice.” Levi said, picking up the contract and walked away.

Chloe looked at Levi’s back view with starry-eyed infatuation. Her adoration for this man amplified.

When Levi went back, he accompanied Zoey to Galaxy Hotel. The Lopez family invited Zoey over to the special banquet they were having to commemorate their relocation to a new office.

“Dear Zoey, why do you have to go through all the trouble just to be independent? What’s wrong with working side by side with the Lopez family?” Henry said.

“Yeah, unless you don’t acknowledge the Lopez family anymore and you want to betray us!” Fabian said, unsparing.

Zoey’s fist clenched.

Haven’t I been contributing to the Lopez family?

But how have you guys treated me?

At this moment, Harry raised his wineglass, saying, “We owe a special thanks to someone today!”

“And that is Zoey, who paid for the new office building for Lopez Group!”

Everyone cheered.

But Zoey’s and her parents’ hearts were writhing in pain.

“Tell me, Zoey. What’s your plan after this?” Melanie asked. “Hear me out. Hand over the investment money and give Grandpa a free hand to handle the project. As for you, just be a capable assistant and I promise, your career growth will be guaranteed. If Grandpa favors you in the future, who knows you’ll be the next head of the Lopez family.”

Shaun nodded. “Yeah, Zoey. It’s hard for you to fly solo now. No one will agree to it. No matter how hard you try, your efforts will be in vain.”

In another word, Zoey would end up the same as today if she sought independence again.

They would rob her off a new office building again and again…

In the end, she left in a huff and Levi immediately went after her.

“Grandpa always prefers males over females, and he never likes me!” Zoey sobbed by the roadside.

“Honey, don’t worry. I’m here.” Levi smiled, handing Zoey the tenancy agreement of Union Square that floored her.

“What?! Ten million for five years?” But how?

She thought about renting an office building in Union Square before this, where the real city center was.

While it would be a demonstration of the company’s strength, it could gain the trust of investors and business partners as well.

However, she could only give up as she had expected the rental to be one hundred million for five years.

“Okay, don’t get too worked up. Get ready and move in tomorrow morning before the Lopez family finds out.” Said Levi.

The next day at Lopez Group’s office building at Elysium Plaza, everyone was still basking in joy when Shaun came running in.

“Grandpa, Uncle Fabian, Dad, we have a problem! Imperial Meadows Limited is actually moving!”


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