Return Of The God Of War Chapter 276

Chapter 276

The Lopez family was blindsided by the news.

Does that mean they have found a new location?

“W-Where are they moving to?” Harry’s voice quavered.

“I’m not sure where specifically, but I think they’re moving to the city center!” Shaun said.

“Come on, let’s go take a look! We must stop them!”

Shortly after, they arrived at Union Square, which was one street away from North Hampton Center.

This place was the legit city center!

They were surprised to see that the people of Imperial Meadows Limited were actually unloading their things to Union Square with Zoey and her family in command at the entrance.

Harry and the others hurried over to them.

“Zoey, what are you guys doing here?” Harry asked.

“We’re moving.” Zoey smiled. “What’s wrong, Grandpa?”

“To Union Square? Are you sure about that? How expensive it must be!” Harry said.

Zoey’s smile widened. “Grandpa, it’s not. It’s just ten million for five years and it’s much cheaper than Elysium Plaza!”

“Ten million?! Oh my God!” Harry almost fainted over.

The Lopez family could only watch as Imperial Meadows Limited moved to a new place. It was too late to stop them.

This place was ten times more upscale than Elysium Plaza!

The Lopez family could feel nothing but regret!

“I mean, how do you guys think Zoey found Union Square?” Harry asked after leaving Union Square. “And for ten million? How is that even possible?”

“I supposed this bitch sold herself?” Henry suggested coldly.

“Huh? How do you mean?”

Harry and the others looked at him curiously.

“From what I’ve heard, the owner of Union Square, Emmett Browne, is a pervert who has scourged God knows how many women. He promises anything as long as you sleep with him. That bitch must have slept with him. Otherwise, why would he rent it to her for only ten million?”

“Yeah! That bitch must have slept with him!”

“What an unscrupulous bitch!”

The Lopez family cursed.

“What a disgrace to the Lopez family! How are we going to preserve our reputation if word goes out?”

Harry wished he could get even with Zoey at this instant.

“Dad, hold your fire. Let’s go home first and we’ll come up with something to get back at them.” Fabian said.

Harry spluttered, “Hah, so that’s how it was! And here I am wondering how she got all those investments recently.”

“Just look at how beautiful Zoey is.” Melanie said grudgingly. “Won’t all the men bow at her feet if she sleeps with them?”

“Haha, sadly that idiot Levi doesn’t know that she has cheated on him!” Shaun said.

In front of Union Square, Zoey and the others watched as the Lopez family left woefully.

“This feels so good.” Zoey exclaimed.

“Yeah, what a great day! Did you guys see Henry and Fabian’s faces just now? They looked like they were about to cry.”

“And Dad was totally freaking out!”

Aaron was stoked at his first time triumph against Harry.

“Dad, it’s all thanks to Levi who negotiated the deal! Otherwise, the rental would have been eighty million.” Zoey said.

“My good son-in-law! You have made us proud!”

Aaron patted Levi’s shoulders.

After Zoey took care of things there, Levi returned to Morris Group.


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