Return Of The God Of War Chapter 278

Chapter 278

Right then, a few men in suits arrived.

The salesperson immediately went up to greet him, “Mr. Olsen, you’re here?”

“Yeah, I’m here to buy a car. What’s wrong? Do I need to make an appointment for that?” One of the men asked.

The salesperson smiled obsequiously, “No, sir! Please, come in. You’re always welcomed here.”

Marshall Olsen smiled.

That’s another hundreds of thousands order there, perhaps even a million.

“Hmm? Hold up! Why are they allowed to enter?” Levi asked quizzically.

“Hmph, because they can afford to buy a car and you can’t!” Marshall said straightforwardly.

Several other salespersons looked at Levi with a mocking face as well.

Why should we waste our time on people who have no intentions to buy a car?

“I want to meet your manager!” Levi barked, his face gloomy.

“Haha, who are you to meet him?” Marshall snorted. “He’s busy.”

“What’s with the commotion outside? What’s going on?”

A woman in her thirties came out from the inside. She was dressed in business attire, looking dignified.

“Ms. Guillemin, this guy is forcing his way in when he’s not even here to buy a car!” Marshall said, pointing at Levi.

Mandy was astonished when her eyes fell on Levi. “Well, well, isn’t this the great Mr. Garrison?”

Levi could vaguely remember her as Mandy Guillemin, who was a mere salesperson six years ago.

At that time, she would be subservient and service him whenever she saw him.

He couldn’t believe that she was a manager now.

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m here to buy a car, but your people wouldn’t let me in.” Levi said.

Mandy chuckled, “I think what she did was right! Our time is precious, so why should we entertain you when you don’t even have the money?”

“Who told you I don’t have the money?” Levi retorted.

I can buy every single 4S dealership store on Coastal Street right now if I want to.

What do you mean I don’t have the money?

“Enough with the bullshit, Levi. You think I don’t know what you’re capable of? You just came out of prison and you’re depending on your wife for livelihood. Do you think you’re worthy to buy a Mercedes Benz?”

Levi sneered, “Is that how you treat your guest?”

“I, for one, am realistic!” Mandy retaliated. “You were worth billions six years ago, and I’d serve you like a slave. But now you’re nothing, so why should I entertain you?”

“Get lost now! You’re not welcomed here, you poor bastard!” Mandy gave him a mouthful.

It was a cathartic experience for her, and she had never felt so refreshed before.

In the past, she worked her fingers to the bone for Levi. She could almost lick his boots just to secure his deal.

Now that Levi was in dire straits, she took her chance to wipe away her own shame.

“Yeah, this is not a place for poor bastards! Just get a motorbike and scram!” Others chimed in.

Levi ignored them and turned toward the Audi 4S dealership store next door.

“Hahaha, you’re going the wrong way. The next doors are Audi and BMW, which are probably more expensive than a Mercedes Benz.” Mandy chortled.

“Ms. Guillemin, should I go take a look?” Marshall sniggered.

“It’s okay! He can’t afford to buy a car.”

Mandy reentered the store.

Levi’s entry to the Audi 4S dealership store was smooth.

“How may I assist you, sir?” Wendy, the salesperson, asked with a smile.


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