Return Of The God Of War Chapter 279

Chapter 279

Levi drew out a black card directly and handed it to her. “I want all the cars in your store!”

Wendy froze, asking uncertainly, “Can you repeat that, sir?”

“I want all the cars in your store! Immediately! Now!”

Wendy accepted Levi’s black card with unsteady hands.

“I-Is this the world’s limited edition American Express Black Card?”

Wendy was thunderstruck when she saw the card.

Not only did the black card have an unlimited quota, but it also came with many privileges.

Wendy was completely convinced that she had met the legendary zillionaire.

She quickly informed the manager of the store who ran out shortly after with a few other employees.

“Greetings, sir! Our store has two hundred and forty-eight vehicles in stock and the total price is one hundred and eighty million.” The manager faltered.

“Make it two hundred million. Swipe it.” Levi said.

The manager was on the verge of tears and so were the others.

Did we just achieve half a year’s performance in one day?

“Choose a car that cost over a million for me and proceed with the formalities. I want to drive it back. Send the rest to Morris Group.” Levi said.

The manager personally chose a one point seven million Audi RS7.

The body of the car was red, which suited Zoey a lot.

After all the formalities were completed, he called Jace, the general manager of the Audi dealership in North Hampton.

At this moment, Jace was having tea with Corey, the general manager of the Mercedes Benz dealership.

“What’s up?” Jace asked, answering the phone.

“I have great news for you, Mr. Renner! A customer just bought all the cars in my store! He even swiped his card on the spot for two hundred million!”

Jace jolted to his feet upon hearing it.

As Audi wasn’t one of those top luxury cars that cost about tens of millions, he had never seen such a rich person before.

Receiving an order of two hundred million was indeed too good to be true.

“One more thing, Mr. Renner. This customer was kicked out from the 4S dealership store next door! Those idiots from Mercedes Benz think this zillionaire can’t afford to buy a car and won’t even let him in! Hahaha…”

Jace broke into laughter when he heard this.

Thanks to those idiots, we get to snatch this two hundred million deal.

“What’s so exciting, Jace?” Corey asked and Jace told him about the incident.

“Congrats, man! I would love to meet such zillionaire too!”

Corey was envious.

It was a two hundred million deal!

Jace chuckled, “All thanks to your staff, Corey.”


Corey looked dazed.

“This zillionaire went to your store at first, but your staff stopped him outside and called him a poor bastard, thinking that he can’t afford to buy a car. So he had no choice but to come to my store. Otherwise, how else do I get this deal? Haha…”

Corey froze, his face contorted with blue veins bulging on his temples, and his eyes spelled death.

“Mandy Guillemin, you bitch! Do you know what’ve you done?!”


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