Return Of The God Of War Chapter 286

Chapter 286

Levi stood still.

He had no intentions of giving way.

Who gave them the authority to seal the roads?

Just as the security guards were about to fly off the handle, Lil Lacey, the influencer behind, suddenly slapped one of the four men who carried her in the face with a crisp sound.

“Is your brain filled with shit or something? What the hell are you doing? You almost dropped me!” Lil Lacey screamed.

This particular staff quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. My foot slipped. I’m really sorry…”

But Lil Lacey slapped the staff in the face again, despite his apologies.

The people around burned with anger at her treating her staff with such brutality.

How unkind of her to slap him just because his foot slipped!

A few people even took out their phones to film as they wanted to expose what this influencer was truly like.

“What do you think you’re doing? Did I agree to let you film? Go to hell!” Lil Lacey’s anger spiked when she caught them in the act, then she turned toward her manager and said, “Amelia, look at them! Smash their phones, quick! We can’t let them post the videos online!”

Amelia immediately ordered, “Get rid of their phones now! The videos must never get out!”

A dozen of security guards rushed forward to those who were filming, snatching their phones away and smashing them to the ground into pieces.

These people choked with silent fury. They couldn’t afford to mess with that influencer.

There was a tall young man, however, who was still clutching his phone to which two security guards had failed to grab it.

“What do you think you’re doing? It’s against the law to take my phone!” the man retorted.

“Against the law? Listen, we are the law! We call the shots!”

A few more security guards joined in to snatch his phone away before smashing it to the ground before his eyes.

“Compensate me for my phone! I demand justice, or this will not end!” The young man hit the roof.

Lil Lacey shot a glance at him and said, “Beat him up!”

The security guards charged forward at her command at once, pinning the man to the ground.

“Stop it!”

A voice sounded all of a sudden.

The security guards stopped short and looked over to where the sound came from.

It was Levi.

“Is this how a famous influencer should behave?” he asked with a sneer.

Upon hearing Levi’s words, Lil Lacey exploded, “Who the hell are you? Stay out of this!”

Levi let out a suppressed laugh. “As a man of justice, I can never turn a blind eye to injustice!”

“Fine! Since you’re a nosy retard, I’ll make an example of you!”

Lil Lacey commanded the security guards to make a move on Levi.

“I’ll give you a taste of a viscous dog bite!” the security guard snorted coldly. “Bite him!”

The dogs they were leashing started barking.

Especially after the security guards let go of the leash, they became more and more manic and were ready to rush over.

But the next moment, Levi’s eyes darkened in a slight glint, his body exuding a solemn killing aura.

To everyone’s surprise, these dogs actually prostrated themselves to the ground and their bodies were trembling.

Levi had killed countless enemies on the battlefield and was conferred with the title of ‘battlefield butcher’, ‘war machine’ and many more.

There was a murderous aura about him that had been honed on the battlefield.


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