Return Of The God Of War Chapter 287

Chapter 287

These animals who had heightened senses as compared to humans were petrified.

Let alone a few vicious dogs, even lions and tigers would prostrate themselves in worship at Levi’s murderous aura.


The security guards and Lil Lacey gawked.

What’s wrong with these dogs?

“What are you people standing there for? Get him!” Lil Lacey and Amelia chorused.

The security guards sprinted toward Levi.

With blows from Levi’s fists and kicks from his feet, all the guards lay wailing on the ground thirty seconds later.

The onlookers applauded.

“Nice one, man!”

“You’re strong!”

“These scoundrels need to learn their lessons!”

Lil Lacey and Amelia were scared stiff.

Levi walked over to Lil Lacey and pulled her down in one swoop.

“Have you got no legs? Do you really need someone to carry you around?” Levi questioned.

Lil Lacey wanted to refute him, but she shut her mouth meekly when her eyes met his terrifying ones.

“Lil Lacey, was it? Apologize to them now and compensate for their phones!” Levi said in a commanding tone.

“I don’t—”


Lil Lacey was just about to refuse when she heard Levi’s voice. “I’m sorry!” she quickly bowed her head and apologized.

Amelia could only admit defeat as well. “I’m sorry!”

“Compensate them now!” Levi commanded.

Amelia compensated them in the end with the original price of their smashed phones.


Everyone applauded again.

“Can we leave now, Sir?” Amelia asked softly.

“Hold up! So you’re the famous influencer, Lil Lacey, huh? Is Morris Group working with you?” Levi asked.

Amelia nodded. “Yes, that’s right! Lil Lacey has signed a contract with Morris Group as the ambassador and spokesperson for their new products.”

Lil Lacey gave Levi an inquisitive look.

What’s the meaning of this?

“Okay, I’m dissolving this cooperation between you and Morris Group,” Levi said. “Morris Group will never allow people of questionable character to be their ambassador!”

Amelia laughed, “Haha, this is a bit too much, isn’t it, Sir? Who are you to dissolve our cooperation with Morris Group?”

“I am someone from Morris Group and I am qualified to terminate your contract!”

“Don’t worry. Morris Group will never use unethical people like you!”

Amelia snickered, “Then what’s your name? What happened today will not end here.”

“Remember this, my name is Levi Garrison. You can look for me anytime at Morris Group!”

With that said, Levi left the place.

Lil Lacey and Amelia’s eyes were filled with resentment as they looked at Levi’s retreating back.

“Amelia, quickly send someone to identify him! I want him gone!” Lil Lacey shook with fury.

She was used to being arrogant and domineering.

Having been shamed in public for this first time, she vowed to wipe Levi off the face of the earth.

Amelia tugged her lips into an insidious smile. “Didn’t you hear him, Lacey? He’s from Morris Group!”

“Okay,” Lil Lacey said. “Quickly inform Morris Group that I want to terminate our contract! I want Morris Group to drown in regret!”

Amelia gave her a thumbs-up. “That’s a brilliant move! Even if Morris Group doesn’t kill that bastard, he will be fired at the very least!”


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