Return Of The God Of War Chapter 295

Chapter 295

The crowd knew that if it weren’t for Benny’s arrival today, Levi would be dead for sure.

At this time, a large group of media reporters had arrived, holding cameras while waiting in silence.

The arrival of the media reporters made it clear to everyone that Benny would be landing soon.

Levi took out his phone and made a call. “Azure Dragon, bring your men over!”

In the conference room of Everest Entertainment, Noah McCormick, the president of the company, was having a meeting with Lil Lacey, Amelia and a few others.

“How’s it going with Morris Group?” he asked.

“Sir, Morris Group’s new products are listed on the market today and there are zero sales so far,” his assistant replied.

Noah, Lil Lacey and a few other celebrities wore a surprised look on their faces.

“Zero sales?” Lil Lacey asked.

“It can’t be! Despite the impact, isn’t zero sales a little too much?” Amelia questioned.

The president’s assistant smiled, “Word has it that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had imposed pressure on them as well. That’s why Morris Group’s new products had zero sales.”

At that, Lil Lacey put on a proud face. “Morris Group? Hah! That is what you get for messing with me, Levi Garrison! I swear the entire Morris Group will go down with you!”

“Who would dare to buy their products without Everest Entertainment’s publicity and support?” Noah sniggered. “Barely anyone will know about them.”

“I know, right? With all their publicity channels cut off, the outside world wouldn’t know about their products.”

“Besides, the news of Mr. Quinton’s arrival have taken up most of the headlines in the media recently. Morris Group doesn’t stand a chance,” Amelia said.

“Yeah, Morris Group is going to lose nearly two billion!” Noah said, his voice cracking with glee.

“Now, we shall wait for Morris Group to come and beg us,” Lil Lacey said haughtily, crossing her arms. “I’d like to wait and see if Levi will apologize to us or not!”

“He definitely will! That’s two billion lost there!”

Amelia and the others were confident that Levi would grovel at their feet.

Meanwhile, everyone at Morris Group became taciturn at their depressing sales after the products went online for two hours.

For some reason, a few clients who had agreed to purchase their products had suddenly changed their minds at the very last minute.

Iris collapsed into a heap on her chair, her face pale.

What a failure! Zero sales? What do we do now? How should I explain this to the big boss?

“Our competitors must have taken the advantage to attack us, Ms. Anabelle. Besides, with the news of Mr. Quinton’s arrival dominating all media forums, no one will pay attention to our products,” Georgia, her assistant, said.

“Actually, there is another way,” Justine, the head of the marketing department, piped up. “Why don’t we invite Mr. Quinton to help us with the promotion? Not only can we minimize the loss, but our products will definitely sell like hotcakes!”

“That’s a good idea, but it’s not practical. Even North Hampton’s richest man, Winston Gonzales, has gone to the airport to reach out to Mr. Quinton. Do you think we can still stand a chance?”

Despair washed over everyone at that realization.

“Ms. Anabelle, what we have to do now is to minimize our losses as much as possible. There is no other way.”

“Yeah, I suggest we bring Levi to Everest Entertainment to apologize. That’s our last resort,” a few senior executives proposed.

“Alright,” Iris sighed helplessly. “I’ll go and get him. He has to apologize to them no matter what!”


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