Return Of The God Of War Chapter 296

Chapter 296

Thousands of people had gathered outside the private passageway of North Hampton International Airport, and the numbers were still increasing.

Right then, the insiders of the airport sent news that the private jet Benny was on had landed and he would be coming out shortly.

The Gonzales family was so shaken that their eyes never left the private passageway.

Levi, on the other hand, had lit up a cigarette and was smoking, as if he could care less about the Great Doctor’s arrival.

A few minutes later, accompanied by noisy footsteps, Benny and the cabin crew came out from the VIP passageway.

Benny Quinton might be in his eighties, but he was still hale and hearty and going strong.

Not only was he the leading figure in the medical field, but he was also athletic. He was skilled in basketball, swimming, sprinting and other sports.

He was an all-rounder, and the healthier he was, the greater the blessings for Erudia.

Benny was extremely down-to-earth. He was only wearing casual clothes and had only brought along an assistant with him.

Most importantly, he was carrying his own bag and pulling his own luggage.

Could this be compared to those conceited celebrities? No.

He was a national treasure!

The whole nation looked up to this guy!

The crowd couldn’t help but stand in awe at the sight of Benny.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Quinton. I’m Winston Gonzales, a local of North Hampton, also known as the richest man of North Hampton. I’ve been learning to uphold your spirit, Mr. Quinton and I would like to invite you today to my humble abode for a get-together. I’m thinking of contributing to the medical community and I would like to ask for your advice.”

Eric and the others’ jaws dropped at Winston’s speech.

How smart is he to invite Mr. Quinton on the pretext of contributing to the medical community?

“Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Gonzales,” Benny smiled. “But I’m here this time just to catch up with an old friend.”

Benny rejected his invitation!

Benny actually rejected the richest man in North Hampton!

“Hello, Mr. Quinton. We’re from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and we would like to invite you for a get-together with us.” Eric took the opportunity to introduce themselves. “Half of the business of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is related to medicine, and we’re the ones who produced all the medical equipment of major hospitals in Vermond. We would love to listen to your advice, Mr. Quinton.”

“Thank you for your contribution to the medical community in Erudia,” Benny replied brusquely and walked past the four of them.

The next ten or so influential figures had come forward to invite Benny as well, but they were all rejected.

The Gonzales family was astonished.

Then who in the world invited Mr. Quinton to North Hampton?

Who is this old friend that he spoke of?

The mass exchanged mystified glances, wondering who would be the one to pick him up.

At this moment, a large group of media reporters had encircled Benny and were bombarding him with questions.

“Are you here in North Hampton on a mission, Mr. Quinton?”

“Mr. Quinton, who is this old friend that you were referring to?”

“Are you here on a private trip or for some other purposes, Mr. Quinton?”

Benny’s scalp tingled in frustration and his brows bumped together in a scowl, but the reporters had no intentions of letting him leave unless he answered their questions.

At that exact moment, the neat and unified sound of footsteps was heard with a troop of soldiers came rushing in.

“Get out of the way!”

The troop swiftly split the reporters apart and stood in two rows, guarding Benny at the center.

“Welcome, Mr. Quinton!” the soldiers saluted.

Benny was psyched, as that was the most respectful greeting one could ever receive.

Then a war officer appeared from behind them.

He had a large gold star embroidered on his shoulder, which evinced that he was a King of War!

The Gonzales family’s eyes widened.

Because he was none other than Azure Dragon!


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