Return Of The God Of War Chapter 298

Chapter 298

“A-Are… you M-Mr. Benny Quinton?” she stammered, her body trembling.

As his popularity was known to all in Erudia, Iris could recognize him at one glance.

“Yes, I am,” Benny smiled. “Are you here to pick me up?”

Iris noticed that there were many people looking at her and that many reporters were filming.

She faltered, “You’re mistaken, Mr. Quinton. I-I’m not here to pick you up.”

In fact, Iris wished she could just send him back to Morris Group.

He could have solved their crisis with just his presence alone.

But how was she going to do that when she had nothing to do with Benny at all?

“Aren’t you from Morris Group, miss?” Benny asked.

“Huh? Um…” What does he mean? Is he going to Morris Group?

Levi shot a look at her, then said, “Yes, we’re here to pick you up, Mr. Quinton! Let’s get going.”

Benny gave Levi a knowing smile. At Levi and Isaiah’s invitation, he got into the Lincoln limousine.

Iris watched with rounded eyes as Benny, who was a heartbeat away, got into the car.

Is Benny Quinton the person Levi came to pick up?

Oh, my God!

The rest of the crowd was just as shocked as Iris was.

Who would have thought that Morris Group would be the one to pick up the Great Doctor?

“We gotta get going to Morris Group, quick!”

“Hurry up and publish the news that Mr. Quinton’s purpose of coming to North Hampton is to meet the God of War and visit Morris Group!”

The media had gone crazy as they rushed toward Morris Group.

Every newspaper publisher, media, website and forum lost no time in reporting this groundbreaking news.

The eyes of the world were now on Morris Group.

Such intangible publicity effect couldn’t be bought with tens of billions!

It wasn’t only until the media reporters had all left that Iris regained her composure.

Yes, I need to get going to Morris Group now!

Iris drove off at a furious pace in her sports car.

But she couldn’t help but wonder. How did Levi manage to invite Mr. Quinton?


It’s the big boss!

Isaiah was there with Levi, and he’s basically the big boss’s right-hand man.

Levi wasn’t fooling around when he said that our marketing efforts were not practical during the meeting.

He had known that the big boss would be inviting Mr. Quinton over and that’s why he was so reckless in offending Lil Lacey and wouldn’t apologize to them!

So that was the reason…

How exceptional is this mysterious big boss to invite Mr. Quinton to North Hampton!

We’re selling medical equipment, and Mr. Quinton is the best ambassador and spokesperson!

Besides, our products are of the highest quality! It wouldn’t tarnish Mr. Quinton’s reputation!

Iris quickly informed the company to get ready.

In the Lincoln limousine, Levi had a good talk with Benny.

It was only then that it struck Isaiah that his boss was Benny’s old friend.

“You seem stronger by the day, Mr. Quinton,” Levi chuckled.

“All thanks to you, God of War, for teaching me the unique approach to wellness. I feel younger every day! Hahaha…” Benny laughed.


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