Return Of The God Of War Chapter 299

Chapter 299

“Just call me Levi. It’s actually for my own selfish reasons that I called you here, Mr. Quinton. I want you to advocate for my company’s products,” Levi stated directly.

“No, don’t say that!” Benny waved his hands frantically.

“I’ve studied your company’s products with my students in the past few days. They are by far the best on the market in Erudia and are even comparable to those from overseas! They can stop the foreigners from monopolizing our market and most of all, the price is not even a third of theirs! This is a great thing for the country and the people, and I’m honored to be your ambassador.”

Levi was a little moved.

As expected of the national treasure…

He thinks about the country and the people all the time!

“I’m ashamed of myself, Mr. Quinton,” Levi tittered. “I have selfish motives in manufacturing these products. I want to overthrow the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“Of course, I’m aware of this. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has completely plagiarized your core technology and monopolized certain products, selling them at sky-high prices. I’d even talked about this with some experts. But there was nothing we could do. Only the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has such product technologies. But it’s all good now since you’re back. The products are much better than theirs and the prices are much lower.”

“Levi, you’re the one who is putting the country and the people first,” Benny praised.

As they were chatting, they had arrived at Morris Group.

The employees of Morris Group had prepared a welcome ceremony. Even the media reporters had been waiting.

As soon as Benny got down from the car, the reporters surrounded him again, eager to interview him.

He wasn’t angry this time as he faced the camera instead.

“Could you tell us why are you here at Morris Group, Mr. Quinton?” one reporter questioned.

Benny smiled, “Okay, I’ll take this opportunity to announce that I will be the ambassador of Morris Group’s medical product. This batch of Morris Group’s new product is on the market today! I, Benny Quinton, guarantee with my reputation that these products are the best on the market in Erudia! And the prices are only a third of the same models in the market!”

The atmosphere was a seething cauldron of emotion at Benny’s announcement.

Everyone at Morris Group was reeling from the shock of having the nation’s Greatest Doctor as their ambassador after losing Lil Lacey.

The media got the news out as fast as they could. Breaking news! A leading figure in the medical field is endorsing Morris Group!

Morris Group’s medical equipment beat that of their competitors’ hands down and even surpassed that of overseas products!

With just the cost price, Morris Group’s medical products cost only one-third of their competitors’!

North Hampton erupted at once as all eyes zeroed in on Morris Group’s product.

Morris Group had hit the jackpot!

Meanwhile, at Everest Entertainment, Lil Lacey was getting impatient from waiting.

“Why is he not here yet?”

“Just be patient,” Amelia said. “He’s going to kneel before us in just a bit.”

Noah, who was looking at the market dynamics, smirked when he saw that sales of Morris Group were still at zero.

“Morris Group can go nowhere without the artistes from my company!”

But just then, a few secretaries came running in a panic, shouting, “Bad news! Bad news!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you guys panicking?” Lil Lacey grumbled.

“Look at your phones, quick!”


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