Return Of The God Of War Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Noah, Lil Lacey and the others quickly turned on their phones and were petrified when they saw the news.

The Great Doctor has become the spokesperson of Morris Group’s products?


Noah blanched, Lil Lacey’s blood froze, and Amelia’s jaw dropped.

It was then that the market dynamics on Noah’s laptop suddenly changed, showing that the first batch of Morris Group’s new products was sold out!

That was a one billion order!

“Mr. Quinton, Ms. Anabelle, nice to meet you,” a stout man greeted. “I’m Teddy Fords, the owner of Stardust Medical Equipment Corporation, and I’ve just purchased all of the first batch of Morris Group’s products”

Iris was taken aback. Did he just buy a billion worth of products in one breath?

Benny nodded. “Thank you for your support! I can guarantee with my reputation that these are the best products you can ever get.”

“Haha, don’t worry, Mr. Quinton. I will definitely contribute to the medical community. I’m planning to donate some of the products to hospitals in the rural areas,” Teddy said.

Levi and Benny looked at each other.

That was the outcome that they wanted to see.

At this point, Iris and Morris Group’s phones were exploding with calls after calls.

“Hello, Ms. Anabelle. I’m from Sphinx Bio-Pharmaceutical. I want to place an order for five hundred million.”

“Hello, is this Morris Group? I’m from Olympus Hospital Holding Company from South City. We would like to make an eight hundred million order.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m calling from the Ministry of Health from South City. We would like to order two batches of your company’s products!”

Iris was scared out of her mind.

In just a short while, they had received over a hundred orders from almost every part of Erudia.

This was about seventy to eighty times more than the number of products they had planned to manufacture.

So much so that the orders of many companies had to be scheduled for the next year, and some companies had even paid the deposit.

No one had seen this coming at all!

It was mainly the effect of Benny’s reputation, and various other factors such as product quality and price, that contributed to such a result.

Iris and the senior executives were lost for words.

The calls were still coming in one after another, with more and more orders being made.

At this rate, ten production plants wouldn’t suffice!

Right then, the deans and leaders of various major hospitals in North Hampton had arrived.

While they were here to meet the Great Doctor in person, they also wanted to order a batch of medical equipment that they could use clinically.

Iris could only shake her head helplessly as Teddy had bought all their products.

“Hmm? Sure, you can!” Levi spoke up. “Morris Group has long prepared a batch of products for major hospitals in North Hampton for clinical use.”

Iris looked dazed.

When did this happen?

Why didn’t I know anything about this?

Isaiah stepped forward and explained, “The boss had asked me to produce more. He foresaw that these products wouldn’t be enough.”

“…” Who on earth is this boss? Is he a prophet?

Looking at Levi, who was standing next to Benny, Iris suddenly had a suspicion that Levi was the mysterious boss.

What am I thinking? How could Levi be the mysterious boss?

She shook her head and blocked the thought out of her mind.


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