Return Of The God Of War Chapter 302

Chapter 302

Although Morris Group’s crisis was resolved, Iris did not think that Levi had anything to do with the matter.

We’d managed to turn the situation around because of the big boss’s strategy. Levi Garrison is merely here because of Isaiah Wade’s assistance. How dare he make the decision for us? Does he really believe that he is one of the company’s leaders?

“Let me make this clear, Levi. Although our previous discussion with Everest Entertainment ended on an unhappy note, they’ve now returned to apologize to us, with their utmost sincerity. Their offer to become our ambassador without any charge will be beneficial to the company!” pronounced Iris.

From Iris’s point of view, any free labor should be utilized by the company, regardless of their work ethics.

That was the norm she had practiced, after spending years, working abroad.

Iris prioritized only the economic growth of the company. She did not care for the other details.

“No! Their personalities are rotten. They’re only here to apologize to us because of how well we’re doing. Why didn’t they express their regrets in the last two days?” Levi glanced at Noah and the others. Then he announced coldly, “Get lost! Morris Group will never collaborate with you!”

Lil Lacey was mad.

She wanted so badly to strangle Levi to death. Iris Anabelle had already agreed to our proposal. How dare he reject our offer? Levi Garrison is indeed Everest Entertainment’s enemy!

Noah accused angrily, “Ms. Anabelle, I wasn’t aware that a mere entry-level staff in Morris Group was making all the big decisions for your company.”

Iris was angered by Noah’s mockery.

There were many reporters at the scene, after all.

I can’t let this news spread, to the public. Otherwise, Levi’s behavior will taint my reputation as Morris Group’s vice-president. ”Stand aside, Levi. You’re not qualified to speak here!” Iris chided.

Then, she looked at Noah and his artists. “Mr. McCormick, believe that this collaboration is feasible.”

“That will never happen!” Levi’s voice sounded out.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re the big boss?” Iris bellowed.

“That’s right. I am the big boss, and this is the big boss’s decision!” Levi stared at Iris.

Kirin’s voice reverberated inside the venue, just as Iris was about to accept Everest Entertainment as their ambassador. “Ms. Anabelle, the big boss doesn’t want Morris Group to collaborate with Everest Entertainment. We are placing their names on the blacklist!”

Kirin showed up at that moment.

“The artists from Everest Entertainment are uncivilized. They’d hit passers-by on the street and they’d even resorted to threatening their fans. The media has repeatedly exposed their despicable acts. Mr. Quinton has selected us, so how can we choose to collaborate with lowly people as such? What will happen to our company’s prestige if we do that?”

Iris’s face flushed red after listening to Kirin’s speech.

She was too profit-oriented, neglecting all the other elements in conducting a business.

However, Kirin’s words had caused her to think twice.

I have to change my business philosophy. A company requires a good reputation, to win over the public’s favor. Only then can we maximize our gain!

The media began criticizing Everest Entertainment’s lowly behavior. They even exposed the news of Morris Group blacklisting Everest Entertainment to the public.

Soon after, Levi handed a USB over to the reporters.

The USB contained a video of Lil Lacey hitting a worker, throwing her rubbish onto the streets.

Levi had ordered Phoenix to repair the phone, extracting the video saved inside the device.

Lil Lacey’s career was doomed, right after the videos were leaked.

Netizens flooded the Internet with their dissatisfaction and anger towards Lil Lacey’s behavior.

Everest Entertainment’s future became bleak, all of a sudden, as Lil Lacey and the other artists were nearing the end of their careers.

No entertainment company would dare to sign a contract with them after such an incident.

Levi walked up to Iris and chided with a smile, “I’ve told you, haven’t I? These ambassadors aren’t suitable for our medical products. Mr. Quinton is the best candidate!”

Iris put on a disdainful smile. “Why are you behaving as if you were the one who’d invited Mr. Quinton to collaborate with us?”


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