Return Of The God Of War Chapter 303

Chapter 303

“I did invite him!” Levi exclaimed.

“Hmph! Our big boss invited Mr. Quinton. You’ve got nothing to do with this matter,” Iris sneered.

“That’s enough. Let’s stop bickering. Focus on the work at hand! How can you waste your time arguing with me? The upcoming tasks will prove to be a challenge!” Levi smiled.

Iris recollected her thoughts. Morris Group’s workload will increase exponentially from now on. We will be busier than ever. However, this is what I’m hoping for. I can finally put my capabilities on full display with this opportunity.

Zoey visited Levi to apologize to him after she was made aware of the turn of events.

“I’m so sorry! Nonetheless, you’re awesome. You’d known of the big boss’s plan because you were following Isaiah around.” Zoey gave Levi a thumbs-up. “You’re so lucky, getting to meet Mr. Quinton. Do you know how jealous mother is? Mr. Quinton is her idol! She’s telling everyone who would listen to her in the hospital that her son-in-law drove Mr. Quinton around! She’s so proud of that.”

Levi asked her cheerfully, “Would mother and father like to meet Mr. Quinton?”

“Of course! Even I wish to meet with him. What more of my parents!” Zoey answered immediately.

“Okay. You should inform them to prepare dinner and a bottle of good wine when you’ve arrived home. I’ll invite Mr. Quinton to our house tonight, so that mother and father can meet with him!”

Zoey asked Levi with uncertainty as she thought that she had miscomprehended his words, “What? You’re inviting Mr. Quinton over to our house? Your joke isn’t funny at all!”

“I’m speaking the truth. Have I ever lied to you before?”

Zoey thought to herself, Zoey did realize all of his promises due to some coincidences. Indeed, he has never lied to me.

“Okay. I’ll trust you this time. However, I cannot guarantee that my parents will share my sentiment.”

Zoey informed her parents of Levi’s intention when she returned home.

“Hmph! Nonsense. Do you know who Benny Quinton is? Do you think Levi Garrison is qualified to invite him over?” Aaron jeered.

“That’s right! I doubt Levi can achieve this. He couldn’t have achieved such a feat, even in his prime, six years ago. Today, Mr. Quinton had rejected the requests of the wealthiest man in North Hampton, along with the requests of the members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!” Caitlyn shared Aaron’s point of view.

Zoey asked, “Do we have to prepare the dinner then?”

“Why do we need to prepare anything? You’re the only one who would believe in Levi’s joke.” Aaron answered.

Zoey was convinced by her parents that Levi was merely kidding. We’re talking about Benny Quinton, after all. He’s one of the most prominent figures in the medical field!

They refused to dwell any longer in that matter and continued with their tasks, afterward.

Soon enough, it was eight in the evening.

Someone knocked upon the door.

Zoey headed over, with the intention to unlock the door.

She turned around and walked back into the house without saying a word after she had seen Levi.

“Hey, where are you going, honey? You should welcome our guest. Where’s father and mother? Ask them to come to the door as well.”

Zoey was taken aback by Levi’s response.

She turned around and saw another person behind him..

Zoey was shocked to her core.

“Hello, Ms. Lopez! I’m here to visit you and your family!” Benny Quinton greeted her with a smile.

Zoey’s vision went dark, as she nearly passed out from astonishment.

Benny Quinton! It’s Benny Quinton in person! He’s really here!

Aaron and Caitlyn marched towards the door as they heard the commotion outside.

“What’s the matter? Is there a guest?”

Aaron and Caitlyn looked in Levi’s direction.

The two of them were astounded by the person standing before their eyes.

Aaron slipped, slumping onto the floor.

Caitlyn fell upon the floor, with a loud thud.

That’s Benny Quinton!


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