Return Of The God Of War Chapter 304

Chapter 304

It’s the real Benny Quinton!

Zoey and her parents rubbed their eyes in an effort to ensure that this was no dream. That person is, in fact, Benny Quinton! He’s visiting our house!

Levi and Benny helped Aaron and Caitlyn to rise from the floor immediately.

The couple was taken aback by the pleasant surprise.

Benny Quinton had helped them up from the floor.

That was a story they could boast about for the rest of their lives.

The people who had helped them up were actually two of the most significant figures in Erudia.

Aaron and Caitlyn were the only people in the entire nation who had the luxury of enjoying such treatment.

“I’m here for a visit, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez!” Benny greeted.

Aaron and Caitlyn were startled.

They did not think they were worthy enough to be on the receiving end of Benny’s courteous address.

Levi frowned. “Why are both of you so excited? Did I not ask Zoey to inform you in advance?”

Aaron and Caitlyn almost knelt on the floor after listening to Levi’s comment.

Indeed, Zoey had informed them. She had even told them to prepare dinner.

Unfortunately, none of them believed in Levi. They did not expect him to be able to invite Benny Quinton over for dinner.

That was an unbelievable feat in their opinion.

“Don’t tell me no one prepared dinner?” Levi’s frown deepened. How can I explain myself to Mr. Quinton?

Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey lowered their heads, remaining downcast.

Zoey was overwhelmed with guilt because she had doubted Levi too.

Levi heaved out a sigh.

Aaron and Caitlyn were embarrassed.

“Mr. Quinton, I…” Levi was unaware of what else to say.

“That’s alright, Levi. I can understand this situation.” Benny had guessed the reason behind the lack of preparations, made by Zoey and her parents.

“Hurry up and prepare the dinner! Do you want Mr. Quinton to stand here and wait the entire night?”

The trio regained their senses upon hearing Levi’s reminder.

They invited Benny into the house and headed straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Luckily, there were some vegetables and meat left in the refrigerator.

Aaron was caught in a difficult situation because there was no good wine left in the house.

“Don’t worry about that, father. I’ve brought two bottles of liquor over, from the Warzone.”

Levi was glad he had prepared the liquor, saving himself from further embarrassment.

Dinner was soon served swiftly, as Zoey received help from her parents inside the kitchen.

It all felt surreal, taking in the sight of Benny, seated around the dining table.

That man was Benny Quinton! The legendary figure in Erudia’s medical field. A person who was as important as the nation’s treasure.

I can’t believe he’s here in our house. This is incredible!

Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey even took pictures of Benny in secret. They never imagined the impact that those photos would create in the future.

Although Benny was a high and mighty figure, he was still a down-to-earth person. He had repeatedly praised Aaron and his family for the home-cooked meal and the pleasant wine.

Living these tranquil moments like a normal person was Benny’s favorite lifestyle.

Aaron could not contain his curiosity for long, after having his share of liquor. “Why did you accept my son-in-law’s invitation, Mr. Quinton? We’d thought that something like this would never happen!”

Zoey and Caitlyn nodded in agreement.

Benny gave Levi a meaningful look before he explained with a smile, “The first reason is that I am now acquainted with Levi since he had driven me around today. Besides, I am aware Levi is the founder of this core technology that helped create these medical apparatuses. I sincerely respect people like him.”

“I see! You’re indeed a role model to learn from in the medical field, Mr. Quinton! Cheers!” Aaron raised his glass.

In their opinion, Benny was merely humble enough to accept Levi’s invitation. Hence, they thought of Benny as a generous and great man.

Benny was about to leave after filling up his stomach.

“I’ll be sending Mr. Quinton off now.”

“Okay. Be careful! Take Zoey’s car.”

Ultimately, Levi drove Benny over to Maple Manor.

That was the place where Azure Dragon, Phoenix, and the others lived.


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