Return Of The God Of War Chapter 314

Chapter 314

“Yes. You’re absolutely right!” Kirin smiled.

Levi exclaimed, “No, no, no. You’re the real God of War!”

Liam almost passed out from fear, listening to Levi’s comment. The God of War? This is just a nickname given to me by people in the underworld. This is completely different from the real God of War. I can’t believe something as melodramatic as this is actually happening today! The God of War had warned me by sending me a note, yet I did the most ridiculous thing to threaten him! Wait, something’s not right. I think Jack Smith screwed me over!

Liam glanced at Jack. He knew that his apprentice was setting him up. Jack could have explained Levi Garrison’s identity to me, but he did not. He’s trying to eliminate me by utilizing the God of War’s authority.

Liam got down on his knees.

“Sir, everything that has happened today is just a misunderstanding! I invited Mr. Quinton to my place because I’d needed treatment.” Liam explained in a hurry.

Levi sat in Liam’s seat and responded with a smile, “Okay. Let’s put aside this matter related to Mr. Quinton. How should we address the incident that has happened in the hospital?”

Liam looked at Andy immediately. “Hurry up and summon the men whom you’d assigned to the hospital earlier!”

All eight men were brought forward after a short while. All of them knelt on the floor in fright.

“This is just a misunderstanding! We were impatient just now!” The men shivered fearfully.

Liam piped up after noticing their conditions, “Sir, I will make sure that they receive the appropriate punishments for hitting those innocent people by following the law.”

Levi’s lips curled into a sneer. “Well, I want to deal with this matter by using my way today because of a reason!”

“Reason?” Everyone was astounded.

“Do you remember hitting a female doctor?” Levi asked.

The men exchanged glances with one another.

The only person who had fitted Levi’s description was Benny Quinton’s assistant, who had tried to stop them from leaving at that time.

They nodded after a moment of consideration.

“Oh, just so you know, that person is my mother-in-law!”

Dreadful silence filled the air after Levi spoke.

Everyone was stunned.

So, they hit the God of War’s mother-in-law? Where did they find the courage to do something like that?

Liam was drenched in a nervous sweat, as his face turned pallid, after a split second.

He had never been more afraid in his entire life.

Liam and Nathan finally understood how terribly they had raised Andy, by constantly showering him with affection, fulfilling his every wish.

Andy grew up to become an arrogant, self-centered brat who would do anything as he pleased.

Now they had to suffer the consequences of their bad parenting.

Andy, soaked in a cold sweat, regretted his decision as well, for accidentally harming the God of War’s mother-in-law.

“Who hit her?” Levi asked.

All eight men, groveling on the floor, shuddered. None of them dared to admit their sins.

“So, you’re not confessing?” Levi’s voice was heard again.

The rest of the men took a step back to expose the culprit.

The culprit, Tig, shook with fear.

“Did you hit my mother-in-law?” Levi questioned him.

Tig wanted to answer him, but he could not utter a single word.

Levi kicked Tig in his face as the latter flew a few meters across the hall.

Tig was dragged to Levi’s feet again.

Levi slapped Tig’s face forcefully and sent him flying across the room again.

Then, he was dragged to face Levi’s wrath again.

The process was repeated by at least twenty times.

Tig’s face had turned into a bloody mess after Levi was done. His facial features became misshapen and disfigured.

Everyone else inside the hall was petrified by Levi’s ruthlessness.

Even the big boss of the underworld, Liam, was trembling.


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