Return Of The God Of War Chapter 315

Chapter 315

“Is that the way you should treat hospital staff? How could you have to gall harm them, when they’ve been working hard to rescue lives? Did they offend you? Where is your conscience?” Levi directed volleys of questions at Liam and his men.

Pin-drop silence lingered in the air inside the hall, as no one dared to make a sound.

Levi knew that he had every right and reason to punish those people for what they did.

“I want all of you who’d hurt the hospital staff to kneel and apologize to them at the hospital. Then you will fully compensate them, for the damage you’ve done!” Levi demanded.

“Okay. I will make the necessary arrangements!” Liam answered.

Levi then turned to glance at Liam. “The Macy family shall retire from now on!”

That announcement was a bolt from the blue to the entire Macy family.

Levi had determined the Macy family’s fate with a single command.

The Macy family would cease to exist in the underworld from that moment onwards.

Jesse Nielsen may not have had the authority to uproot the Macy family’s influence, but Levi could.



Andy and Nathan looked absolutely miserable.

They had wanted to inherit the Macy family’s possession, ruling over North Hampton’s underworld in the future.

Levi’s order had shattered their dreams.

Liam, on the other hand, was calm and collected. He accepted the family’s fate without any protest.

In his opinion, it was already a blessing for them to remain alive, after that incident.

However, he knew that the Macy family’s enemies would soon target them after they lose their status. So, the chances for them to survive would be slim.

The Macy family’s crisis had truly arrived.

At that moment, Jack Smith, who was hiding amongst the crowd, smirked. Everything is proceeding as I’d planned. Levi Garrison has eliminated Liam Macy as I’d expected. I can finally become the most powerful person in North Hampton’s underworld. Hehe…

However, Levi turned to look at Jack, just as the smirk crept across his face.

“Do not think that I’m unaware of the scheme that you were planning, Jack Smith. You are going to retire alongside the Macy family!”

The smile on Jack’s face wavered, after listening to Levi.

He stared at Levi in utter disbelief. How can this be happening?

To his misfortune, Levi did not stop there.

He had eradicated all the underworld forces in North Hampton that day.

That news shocked everyone in the whole of Erudia.

Ultimately, Benny returned to the hospital unscathed.

The wrongdoers knelt before the hospital to express their remorse, compensating the hospital staff with a large amount of money. Soon after, all of them were detained.

Nonetheless, the most important consequence following that incident was Liam Macy’s downfall.

However, the reason behind his downfall was a secret.

To his dismay, members of the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce understood, that the turn of events was due to the God of War’s interference.

Liam Macy had truly offended someone he should not have.

Caitlyn stayed at home to recuperate after she had suffered that terrible injury.

She felt relieved after knowing of the wrongdoers’ willingness to compensate and apologize.

Caitlyn turned to look at Levi and Aaron seated beside her bed. Then she muttered coldly, “The two of you are spineless men! No one would have dared to bully me if you were slightly capable.”

Levi knew that his mother-in-law was merely venting out her anger.

I can’t imagine that some thugs would dare to barge into the hospital, hitting innocent passers-by, even with my status as the God of War!

Levi arranged for a few bodyguards to protect Benny at all times, after that incident.

He did not want to risk Benny’s safety anymore.

Things stayed normal, as life went on afterward.

Soon enough, one day, Iris received a piece of news. There was a problem with Morris Group’s product.

Their medical apparatus had caused a patient’s death, while the patient was receiving treatment in a clinical setting!

The authorities had investigated the issue and determined that the apparatus was the cause of the sudden death.

Morris Group’s medical devices were deemed to be faulty!

“That’s impossible! All of our products were subjected to stringent quality control tests! There should not be such an issue!” Isaiah was astounded.

Iris sighed, “Perhaps someone is trying to frame us.” It is not surprising for us to be targeted by business competitors since our products are monopolizing the market. Nonetheless, this is too much to cause a person’s death!


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