Return Of The God Of War Chapter 316

Chapter 316

The matter spread to the public before Iris had time to contain the news.

The media and newspaper publishers swiftly reported Morris Group’s error as a headline topic, The medical devices endorsed by the national treasure, Benny Quinton, were deemed defective. Use of the medical devices in a clinical setting had resulted in the death of a patient!

That news became an instant sensation that spread all over Erudia.

Benny’s appointment as Morris Group’s ambassador had boosted Morris Group’s reputation and sales to the top in the business field.

The company’s market value increased steeply as well.

Morris Group’s exponential growth had limited the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s control over the market.

Unexpectedly, a disaster occurred just after a few days of success.

A patient’s death was a taboo in the medical field.

Unfortunately, Morris Group had to face the predicament.

At eight o’clock in the morning.

Erudia’s Department of Business and Management, Department of Work Safety, Consumers’ Association, Department of Commerce, Department of Commercial Products’ Quality Assurance, and State Police Department joined forces to investigate that matter.

They halted Morris Group’s factory production and operations at once.

All six departments had assigned a special task force to Morris Group, temporarily suspending Morris Group’s business license.

The entire organization that was running smoothly before had collapsed, all of a sudden.

Iris and the other executives were discussing ways to deal with the issue when a group of people marched up to the meeting room.

The door to the meeting room was forcefully pushed open.

“Can I meet with the person-in-charge in this place? We are from the special task force established by the six main departments in Erudia. We are tasked with the investigation of the grave error found in your company’s products!”

The man leading the group of people was Keith York, the deputy director of the Erudia Police Department. He was nicknamed ‘Justice Keith’, for his righteous personality.

No one expected a special task force to be established with the sole purpose of handling that matter. So, it was clear to see the impact of the flaw in Morris Group’s medical apparatus.

Iris stood up frightfully and explained, “I am the vice-president of Morris Group, Iris Anabelle. I am the person-in-charge for now.”

Keith introduced himself in a cold tone, “I am the captain of this special task force, Keith York. Request for your company’s president and chairman of the board to show themselves at once!”


Iris was caught in a difficult position.

All the other executives were exchanging glances, one amongst the other because even the majority of them had never seen Morris Group’s big boss.

Their president, Neil Rhodes, was not frequently seen in the company as well.

“Mr. York, I am the main handler of Morris Group at the moment. You can speak to me directly if there’s anything urgent,” Iris relayed.

Keith sneered, “A vice-president is running the entire company? Maybe Morris Group’s faulty internal management is to blame for this flaw in the company’s production! I am now suspecting Morris Group’s owner to be on the run after committing a crime!”

“No, that’s not it…” Iris hurriedly shook her head.

“Okay. Then why don’t you tell me what’s going on?” Keith stared at her.

“I…” Iris did not know how to describe Morris Group’s management style because their big boss and president, Neil Rhodes, were extraordinary men.

“So, you can’t tell me anything?” Keith jeered at Iris.

“I hereby announce all on-going processes in Morris Group to be halted and every member of the company to be subjected to inquiry. The employees related to the production department will undergo rigorous questioning. The police will now begin to inspect Morris Group. Anyone who is involved in this fatal incident will be severely punished!”

All members of the company’s upper management were anxious after listening to Keith’s speech. If the police can prove Morris Group’s negligence in this matter, the company will meet its downfall, and all of us, executives, will certainly face time in prison.

Iris and her colleagues defended themselves, “I hope you will uncover the truth, Mr. York. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our products. We’d even received multiple certifications from the Quality Control Department. Moreover, we even have Mr. Quinton to guarantee our products’ quality. There must be someone out there who’s trying to frame us!”


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