Return Of The God Of War Chapter 317

Chapter 317

“Is that so? But are you able to guarantee the quality of every item produced by your company? From what I’ve heard, Morris Group has been rushing the production’s progress lately. Other manufacturers took half a year to produce a similar machine, while Morris Group’s production used less than a month.

I can’t help but feel suspicious about your manufacturing speed. Indeed, Mr. Quinton is your company’s ambassador. No one will dare to question the product’s quality because of Mr. Quinton’s prestige. In that case, did you manipulate his honorable reputation to bypass the quality control processes?”

Iris was rendered speechless, as she could not refute Keith’s suspicions.

At that moment, the people from North Hampton Commercial Crime Investigation Section arrived as well.

“Who’s the person-in-charge here? We’ve received an anonymous report that Morris Group plagiarized the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s core technology. We have discovered this report to be truthful, after a series of investigations. Morris Group’s products are almost identical to the Chamber’s, but the Chamber has been producing these products for years!”

Everyone was stunned after listening to the false accusation.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had filed a complaint against Morris Group for plagiarism when they were the ones who had committed the crime.

Keith smiled after hearing that statement. “No wonder there is an error with the medical apparatus. You’d plagiarized the core technology from another source but had failed to produce products with the same quality!”

“Yeah. That must be it. The medical apparatus must be flawed because of that!”

Members of the special task force jeered at Iris and her colleagues.

All the media began publishing news related to that topic, The authorities have proven Morris Group to have plagiarized the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s core technology. Plagiarism is the primary cause of the fatal incident.

Netizens flooded the Internet with angry comments after the news was spread to the public. Morris Group’s market value plummeted. A huge crisis befell the company, as they faced the risk of bankruptcy.

That was not the full extent of the impact of that incident, because even Benny was dragged into the mess.

Some media sources released information of Benny receiving a huge amount of ambassador fees from Morris Group. They estimated the sum to be close to three hundred million.

The media rebuked Benny for his lack of professionalism and unethical personality, to guarantee the quality of Morris Group’s products even when he was in the know of their products’ subpar quality.

Some even referred to Benny as a hypocrite.

Meanwhile, Morris Group’s trouble continued to snowball.

The police officers arrived after being summoned by Keith.

“Iris Anabelle, Isaiah Wade…”

The majority of Morris Group’s executives were brought away by the police.

The severity of that incident was as clear as day.

At that moment, in City First Hospital.

Benny was treating patients as usual in the clinic, while Caitlyn helped him out as his assistant.

Right then, a commotion erupted in the hallway.

“What’s going on?” Benny frowned.

He was not afraid for his safety, as Levi had arranged for skilled bodyguards to protect him.

A few patients’ family members rushed into the office swiftly after.

“You’re an unethical doctor, Benny Quinton! How can you live such an unethical life?”

“How can you spend the three hundred million without any guilt or remorse?”

“Don’t you feel sorry for killing your patients?”

They pointed at Benny and reprimanded.

“You’re a beast, Benny Quinton! You’re the worst doctor in Erudia!”

“That’s right! You do not deserve to wear that white coat! All of you are terrible human beings!”

The family members were agitated. They would have physically harmed Benny if the other doctors and nurses did not stop them.

“Boohoo… you died for no reason, my hubby! Your sickness was not severe in the first place!” A middle-aged woman knelt in the office and cried hysterically.

All the other family members began thrashing the office, as they continued to curse Benny.

“What has happened?” Benny was confused.

“Mr. Quinton, a patient in the hospital used a medical apparatus produced by Morris Group last night and died because the machine had broken down. The patient was merely diagnosed with a mild sickness,” A doctor informed Benny of the truth.

Benny slumped into the leather seat after he listened to the doctor’s explanation.


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