Return Of The God Of War Chapter 318

Chapter 318

Even Caitlyn, who was standing aside, turned pale. Someone’s dead! This is a huge problem! Mr. Quinton had assured the public of the product’s quality, after all. Everyone will be targeting him before Morris Group if there’s anything wrong with the medical apparatus.

“How is this possible?” Benny could not believe the turn of events.

After all, he had tested and analyzed the medical apparatus with his students. Moreover, Morris Group had received two different quality assurance certifications.

The only explanation is that someone intended to frame Morris Group. However so, this method is simply unacceptable. They’d caused a person’s death!

Benny slammed his hand upon the surface of the table. “I, Benny Quinton, will handle this matter!”

He told Caitlyn to inform the hospital to hold a press conference for him.

Benny attended the press conference that was held, soon after.

His message to the public was simple. He assured everyone he would investigate the incident, to uncover the truth. If the patient’s death were truly due to the quality of the product, Benny told the media that he would be willing to end his own life, to make up for his mistake.

That issue attracted more attention after the press conference ended.

No one expected Benny to be so determined, as he was willing to give up his own life to make amends for his error.

On the other hand, in Bale Group.

Ron Bale, Xawery Yount, and the other two council members of the Chamber gathered.

“How are things now, Ron? Did you make the proper arrangements?” Wildan Saenz asked worriedly.

Ron smiled. “Don’t worry. I did not leave any traces. My men had destroyed the surveillance footage in the hospital when we’d secretly changed the medical apparatus. Even the police will never recover the footage with their technology!”

“Does that mean that Morris Group will face their demise with utmost certainty this time?” Xawery was ecstatic.

“That’s right. Morris Group is doomed! Moreover, the special task force assigned to investigate the matter is unmerciful in carrying out their duties. No one can help Morris Group this time, regardless of the support that they have!”

“I know about this. Even Mr. Nielsen can only keep himself updated with the investigation progress. He does not have the authority to interfere!”

Everyone laughed.

Ron’s eyes gleamed with malicious intent. “Although we hate that old fool, Benny Quinton, we do have to thank him! It is because of his prominent reputation that’d caused Morris Group’s flaw to be magnified and disseminated by the public. This matter has become so critical that even Mr. Nielsen cannot intervene.”

“Hmph! That’s what he gets for deciding to help Morris Group publicize their products!”

“Benny Quinton is just a hypocrite. He’s acting high and mighty, but who knows how much money he had received from Morris Group in secret?”

Wildan and Xawery sneered.

“Not only did we manage to eliminate Morris Group this time, but we’d also increased our sales by a large margin. So what if our products are more expensive? The consumers will still pick us because our products are safer to use!”


The group of cunning men smirked.

They were truly evil and unprincipled businessmen who prioritized their own benefit, above all. They did not care about sacrificing others to satisfy their greed.

Ron and his friends could not care less about the patient who had passed away in the hospital. They had not even felt sorry, for his death.

They could remain nonchalant because they were already numb from committing similar crimes, one too many times.

Sacrificing innocent people to achieve their goals had become a norm to those members of the Chamber.

The public was urging for Morris Group to disband and for authorities to detain the owner of the corporation.

The reason was that Morris Group’s boss had yet to show himself since the beginning of that incident. Iris was the highest-ranking executive to address the public thus far.

Aside from Morris Group, Zoey’s newly-established company was facing a difficult time as well.

Her new company would dissolve, following Morris Group’s disbandment.

Coincidentally, Zoey was discussing a possible collaboration with a foreign enterprise from Daxia, at that moment.

The potential partnership would fall apart if Morris Group succumbed to the plight.

Benny met up with Levi immediately.

Levi was livid after he was made aware of the on-going situation.

“There’s no doubt that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is behind this!” Levi spat out.


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