Return Of The God Of War Chapter 320

Chapter 320

They finally realized why this was no easy feat. Even Jesse’s hands were tied.

Levi questioned, “Mr. York, how’s your investigation going?”

“We only have three days’ time to settle this case. From the evidence we’ve gathered, Morris Group’s products were of inferior quality. We’re almost certain that it was Morris Group’s problem. So, we’ll arrest those involved and stop production of the related products,” Keith explained.

Although he knew that something went wrong with the CCTV, the technical department still could not fix it.

“What if I insist on intervening?” Levi asked.

“It’s as I’d said earlier. If you insist on intervening, it’ll be over my dead body!” Keith refused to relent.

Suddenly, Levi smiled.

“Mr. York, I believe that you aren’t aware of this. My soldier, Kirin, and I are both involved in this case. We can’t stay out of this.”

“Ah?” Keith was confused.

“No, you’re not involved in it,” Keith assured.

“You’re saying that without thorough investigation?” Levi demanded icily.

“Sir, I don’t understand you…” Keith lowered his head anxiously.

“Morris Group is being managed by its vice president now, right? What about its president and chairman?” Levi inquired.

Keith immediately blurted out, “That’s still under investigation. I believe that we’ll discover who they are soon!”

“No need. Kirin is the president, and I am the chairman,” Levi revealed.

It was as if thunder had struck Keith, as he stared at Levi in shock.

He came to his senses immediately.

If it weren’t for Levi, why would Benny Quinton arrive in North Hampton and promote the products?

Furthermore, why would Levi produce inferior quality products in the first place?

Someone is framing Morris Group.

He belatedly realized what was happening.

“Allow my men to assist in your investigation,” Levi ordered.

“Got it!” Keith agreed at once.

Soon, the corrupted video source was sent to Phoenix.

Levi, Benny, and the rest went to view the affected devices themselves.

After checking the devices, a smile appeared on Levi’s lips. “Mr. York, these products don’t belong to Morris Group!”

“Huh?” Keith and his men were stunned.

“During production, I’d instructed the technical department to print some special codes secretly on our devices, to prevent disputes from happening. However, these devices don’t have the codes! You can confirm this by checking the other products from Morris Group.”

Keith told his men to validate Levi’s claim instantly.

After comparing the devices, the men confirmed that Levi was speaking of the truth.

The devices manufactured by Morris Group indeed had special codes printed on them! These devices here didn’t have any!

“Find out where the devices are from!” Keith ordered.

Meanwhile, Phoenix quickly recovered the CCTV footage.

Upon watching the video, everyone was shocked.

Indeed, someone had switched the medical device!

They were framed.

“Find out who’s the man in the video!”

Keith flew into a howling rage.

He was an impartial, being a mere police officer.

If not for Levi’s assistance, he would have certainly dealt with the case wrongly.

Hence, he blew his top.

On the other hand, Kirin handed Keith another file.

“Inside this file is the evidence and clues on how the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce stole Levi Group’s core technology.”

“Okay, I’ll investigate this matter as well!” Keith nodded.

He was full of admiration for Levi.

Levi’s really capable, solving problems easily and efficiently, he thought.

The matter had been resolved.

Even Mr. Quinton was relieved.


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