Return Of The God Of War Chapter 321

Chapter 321

“What a pity that we’ve lost two of our men. They are innocent,” Mr. Quinton sighed.

Levi shook his head helplessly. “Well, the business world is akin to a battlefield. Six years ago, I’d encountered an unexpected disaster and had nearly died!”

“We need to uncover the mastermind behind this scheme. We won’t let the perpetrators off easily!” Mr. Quinton bellowed out, in rage.

That night, at home, Zoey was terribly worried about Iris.

If everything were true, Iris would be sent to jail.

Right then, Harry arrived with the others.

“Haha! Zoey, you and the trash are fine? We’d heard that something had happened to Morris Group, so we’d thought that you’d been arrested.” Henry chortled.

Both Shaun and Melanie were smiling. “Seeing as how Morris Group is done for, Zoey’s company will be closed down too. Zoey, what is your plan?”

“Are you going to return to the Lopez family?” Fabian teased.

“I…” Zoey seemed helpless.

Her company was in trouble and would be acquired soon.

Harry grinned. “Zoey, calm down. I am here to strike a business deal with you.”

Zoey was confused. “Huh? What business deal?”

“About buying out your company. I plan to acquire your company at two million!” Harry replied.

“Two million?” Zoey was incredulous.

Even if Morris Group were to stop investing in my company, it’ll still be estimated at around one to two billion.

It’s impossible for someone to acquire it at a mere two million.

This is so absurd.

“Haha! Zoey, aren’t you aware of your circumstances? Once Morris Group goes bankrupt, your company will be largely affected. By then, you won’t even get two hundred grand, let alone two million.”

“Yes. Moreover, if you sell your company to Grandpa, you’ll still be able to work at Lopez Group,” Shaun and Harry sneered.

“Hey!” Zoey exclaimed furiously.

They’re merely here to add insult to the injury!

“Zoey, I’ll give you two days to consider my offer. Don’t delay it any further, or you’ll be sure to receive less than two million.”

“Besides, I’ve also heard that you’re striking a deal with a company in Daxia. Let me handle that, alright?” Harry offered icily.

After the Lopez family took their departure, Levi consoled Zoey, “Don’t worry, honey. Everything will be fine.”

Three days passed in a flash, and the special task force was about to announce the results of their investigation the next day.

That same night, Ron, Xawery, and Wildan were celebrating at the club.

“Haha! I’ve heard that Keith refused to allow anyone to see the evidence,” Ron chuckled.

“Yes. Keith’s an incorruptible police officer. He wouldn’t allow anyone to interfere with his decision!”

“We just have to wait for the results to be announced tomorrow. By then, Morris Group and their upgraded technology will belong to us! Hahaha…” Xawery was so excited that he was about to sing out loud.

He placed his arms around Wildan’s shoulders and started singing along with him.

Momentarily, someone kicked the door to their VIP room open.


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