Return Of The God Of War Chapter 322

Chapter 322

Over a dozen police officers rushed into the room.

Ron and the other men were stunned.

Someone stepped into the room, flanked by the surrounding men.

He took out his ID and announced, “Keith York, captain of the special task force!”

“What? Keith York?”

Immediately, Ron and the others turned pale.

“Mr. York, your reputation precedes you!” Ron and the others smiled in greeting.

They had no idea why Keith had showed up so abruptly.

“How can you still be in the mood to sing? Don’t you know of the trouble you’re in?” Keith scoffed.

“Ah? Trouble? What trouble?” Ron and the others inquired in shock.

“You are all under arrest!” Keith announced as his expression darkened.

His colleague showed them the arrest warrant.

“Huh? What? We’re arrested?” Ron and his friends asked incredulously.

“Unfortunately, the CCTV footage was recovered by an expert. We’ve found the culprit, and he’s given us your names!” Keith laughed coldly.

They were so stunned and almost passed out.

The next day, everyone waited eagerly for the results to be announced.

However, the results shocked them.

It was now apparent. The four council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were the ones who had framed Morris Group.

All the culprits were arrested and sentenced.

Morris Group’s innocence was proved, and everyone was happy about it.

The group even compensated the victims’ families with money, receiving public praise.

Benny was glad by how the matter was resolved.

He admired how Levi had dealt with the matter. He was impressed by his attitude.

The Lopez family was dumbfounded. They wanted to buy out Zoey’s new company for two million, but Morris Group had emerged unscathed in the end.

After that incident, many hospitals released the results of their clinical trials regarding Morris Group’s medical devices. In conclusion, the devices were of outstanding quality and performed better than the previous versions of the device.

Soon, Morris Group’s business resumed with its regular activity.

This time, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy losses.

Their market value dropped by at least ten billion.

The four noble families could do nothing but watch, as their losses increased.

Their only hope was the God of War.

The North Hampton Warzone’s commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony was about to happen soon. It was said that the commander-in-chief, Percy Covington, was about to arrive in North Hampton.

Eric and the others were excited.

Even the Gonzales family, who was the wealthiest family around, was eager for that day to arrive.

Meanwhile, Andy brought good news to the Gonzales family… Una and her cousins were allowed to join the ceremony.

Of course they were elated when they had learned of the news.

The young ladies and gentlemen of the upper-class society took events like this seriously.

To them, this was a great opportunity to raise their social status and brag about how they were invited to such an event.

“Haha! Now that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is weakened, I only have to bootlick the God of War to gain control over it, sooner or later,” Winston announced, utterly delighted.

“Sir, a Mr. Darren Parks from the Kappei Corporation in Daxia is here to see you,” the housekeeper came to inform Winston.

“Okay, let him in.”

Winston had plenty of partnerships with companies in Daxia, and Kappei Corporation was something he had considered trivial.

Nonetheless, he was in a good mood today, so he agreed to see the man.

Soon, Darren entered the hall.

His request was simple. He was going to develop his business in North Hampton, so he came to curry Winston’s favor.

The most interesting thing was that Darren Kappei Corporation was the company from Daxia that Zoey was going to collaborate with.

“Mm, I know your teacher well. I’ll provide you help, wherever it is needed.”

Upon Winston’s agreement, Darren was ecstatic. The wealthiest man’s promise meant that he could gain a firm foothold in North Hampton.


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