Return Of The God Of War Chapter 323

Chapter 323

The next day, Levi was in his office when he received Zoey’s call.

“Levi, I’m in a middle of a discussion. Abigail needs some business data for her internship. Can you help me deliver it to her?” Zoey asked.

She was currently discussing a collaboration with Kappei Corporation from Daxia.

“Okay, I’ll send it over to her!”

After receiving the data, Levi headed to the University of North Hampton.

It took him a while to find Abigail.

Levi handed the file to Abigail and was about to leave when she stopped him.

“Levi, you haven’t had lunch yet, right?” Abigail asked.

“Of course. I came to deliver the file to you,” Levi responded.

“Come, I’ll buy you a meal. Shall we eat at the canteen?” Abigail gazed at Levi expectantly.

Levi could sense his stomach grumbling upon hearing Abigail’s suggestion.

He had not had a meal in his alma mater for years.

“Okay, let’s go to the canteen!”

“Let’s go!”

Abigail held Levi’s arm as they walked in the campus.

Levi did not think much about it, as she used to do the same thing when Zoey was accompanying them.

He merely thought of her as a young girl.

However, the other students did not think that way.

Abigail was popular in the university as she was pretty.

She had been single since she had arrived, and many students were curious as to when she would get a boyfriend.

Today, an unusual scenario appeared before their eyes… The pretty Abigail was holding a man’s arm in public!

Everyone who had witnessed that was stunned.

It was definitely shocking news.

Even though the man seemed to be older than her, he was good in every way.

At once, everyone was certain that he was Abigail’s boyfriend.

Soon, the news of Abigail’s boyfriend spread quickly throughout the campus.

Levi sensed that everyone was staring at him strangely, while Abigail was smirking silently.

She wanted to fool others into thinking that Levi was her boyfriend.

As she inched closer to Levi, her pursuers were about to slam their tables in rage.

“I never knew that Abigail liked older men!” the young men exclaimed in anger.

Finally, Abigail and Levi reached the canteen.

Levi chose a table which was at a corner, but everyone could not peel their eyes away from him.

When Abigail arrived with the dishes on a serving tray, Levi was exasperated. “Turns out you’re quite popular on campus, huh?”

“Of course! I’m one of the prettiest students on campus!”

Abigail leaned closer to Levi and asked in a low voice, “Levi, everyone thinks that you’re my boyfriend. What should I do? I’ll never get a boyfriend if this happens.”

Levi grinned. “Not a problem. I’ll inform the broadcast room…”

“Hey, you’re no fun!” Abigail pretended to be mad.

As the dishes were served, Levi started gobbling the food.

He did not realize that the crowd surrounding them was growing larger.

After filling up his stomach, Levi stood up to leave.

“I’ll send you off,” Abigail pronounced, trailing behind him.

She was gazing at Levi affectionately, so everyone immediately knew what was going on.

Many young men’s hearts were broken into pieces. Abigail really has a boyfriend!

As Levi and Abigail stepped out of the canteen, a group of people approached them, blocking their exit.


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