Return Of The God Of War Chapter 319

Chapter 319

Upon discovering that the Morris Group was expanding its businesses swiftly, it was evident that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would suffer the most losses.

However, it was unexpected that they would take such drastic actions!

“The most difficult thing to do right now is to uncover the truth. I’m certain that all the clues would have been destroyed by now,” Levi declared.

As of now, Phoenix was already investigating the matter.

“Sir, the CCTV footage from eleven-thirty to twelve at the City First Hospital was deleted!” Phoenix reported.

“That could only mean that someone had entered the hospital during that time period to take action,” Benny suggested.

Levi inquired, “Phoenix, can you fix it?”

“I need the video source. Even if it was corrupted on purpose, I can fix it,” Phoenix replied.

“Okay, we’ll go right now.”

Soon, Levi and Benny arrived at the hospital’s control room.

However, the door was guarded by a few men who refused to let them enter.

Benny was straightforward. “I’m Benny Quinton. I need to get last night’s CCTV footage…”

“No! I don’t care who you are. No one but the special task force can enter,” the men insisted. They refused to let anyone in.

“Fine, let’s go take a look at the devices that were affected.”

Levi and Benny headed over to the room, only to be informed that the devices had been removed.

Only the special task force had access to the devices.

Upon hearing that, Levi contacted Jesse at once.

“Nielson, I need the CCTV footage from City First Hospital,” he announced.

“I can’t help you with this! The special task force was sent by the South Warzone in South City, Erudia. We, at North Hampton, received orders not to interfere in their investigation. I’m really sorry.” Jesse seemed torn.

“By the way, my teacher, Grover Cooke, was the one who suggested it. To avoid suspicion, no one in North Hampton is to intervene. Besides, they are to come up with a conclusion in three days’ time,” Jesse professed.

“Okay, got it.”

After hanging up, a smile appeared upon Levi’s lips.

He had heard about Grover, as that man had connections with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Well played, North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

You kicked up a fuss so the South City would send someone to deal with it. You’ve refused to allow anyone from North Hampton to intervene. By pinning it on us, you can take down Morris Group in the fastest way possible!

“Azure Dragon, find out who’s the captain of this special task force,” Levi ordered.

Soon, Azure Dragon brought back news. “Sir, the captain is Keith York, deputy director of the Quebec Police Department. York is famous for being an incorruptible police officer. He won’t let anyone intervene in this case!”

“Okay. Relay my order. Tell Keith York to come and meet me!” Levi pronounced.

Shortly after, a car arrived at the manor.

Alighting the car was Keith, the captain of the special task force.

Azure Dragon led Keith to the room.

In the room, he saw both Benny and Levi.

“Greetings, God of War,” Keith greeted him politely.

“Keith York? Do you know why I’ve summoned you here?” Levi inquired.

Keith was taken aback. Gritting his teeth, he muttered, “I know of your relationship with Mr. Quinton. I’ll be frank here. You can’t intervene in the Morris Group’s case. I won’t allow you to do as such.”

“No one in North Hampton is allowed to intervene. I remember that you’re the deputy of North Hampton, so please understand my plight.”

“If you insist on intervening, it’ll be over my dead body!”

Keith’s tough demeanor stunned everyone in the room.


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