Return Of The God Of War Chapter 327

Chapter 327

Winston’s face fell as he admitted, “Yes, I am. Everyone fears me in North Hampton.”

“But my son was assaulted after mentioning your name. He’s now lying in the ICU,” Darren complained.

“What? He’d mentioned my name but was assaulted?”

Winston stood up abruptly.

No one in North Hampton dared to disrespect him!

Darren showed him the medical report and explained the incident briefly to Winston.

“How ridiculous! How dare he hurt someone under my protection?” Winston was infuriated.

The other Gonzales family members reacted similarly.

Their family’s reputation was very important to them.

“Tell me. Who’s the culprit? I’ll make sure he pays for what he’s done!” Winston raged.

He had just agreed to protect Darren, so he needed to fulfill his promise.

“The man’s name is Levi Garrison,” Darren told him, frankly.

“What? Levi Garrison?”

Upon hearing the familiar name, Winston and the others stiffened slightly.

Darren was astonished. “What’s wrong? Is he a difficult target?”

“No, he’s someone whom we all hate.”

Una divulged the past incidents to Darren at once.

Darren let out an icy laugh. “This Levi is nothing but trash. He was hugging his sister-in-law in public. My son fancies his sister-in-law. He said something to them and got assaulted. Mentioning your family didn’t work, too!”

“How dare he look down on our family?”

Winston was infuriated. “He’d even beat up your son. I’ll make sure that he pays for what he did!”

Darren was elated.

It had turned out that so many people had hated Levi, including the Gonzales family.

That’s good news!

With the Gonzales family’s support, I’ll get to avenge my son and sleep with Zoey.

“Tell Luke to come see me,” Winston ordered sternly.

Soon, the Gonzales family’s security team leader, Luke Gonzales, showed up.

Luke was a retired mercenary, and he was a skilled fighter.

He was known as the top fighter in North Hampton!

Even the God of War, Liam Macy’s subordinates could not defeat him.

Hence, Luke was Winston’s trump card.

“Luke, accompany Mr. Park to meet Levi and tell him what he should do. Say it’s Winston Gonzales’ order!” Winston announced.

“Yes, Sir!”

A menacing glint flashed across Luke’s eyes.

At night, when Levi returned home, he got scolded by an angry Zoey.

“You’re in deep trouble. Darren Parks is backed by Winston Gonzales. How should we fight against him? Besides, why did you beat him up? Are you crazy?” Zoey roared.

“Zoey, you’re wrong. Silas was the one who’d kicked up a fuss. He said it was a friendly competition and that if he got hurt, it would have nothing to do with us. Besides, he had also hurt my senior!” Abigail explained to her.

“Yes, he might’ve said that, but it’s different now because he’s hurt!” Zoey still appeared to be upset.

Right then, someone knocked on the door.


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