Return Of The God Of War Chapter 328

Chapter 328

When the door was opened, they saw Darren with Luke and his men.

“You’re Zoey and Levi, right? I’m Luke Gonzales, here by the order of Mr. Gonzales. Before midnight, at twelve, if the both of you come to the Lafite Mansion to receive your punishment, he’ll let you off the hook. Otherwise, the Gonzales family will do all that we can to punish you!” Luke threatened.

“Yes, you must pay the price!” Darren yelled.

“You’ve got it wrong. Your son was the one who’d started it. He’d said that it was a friendly competition and that it was fine to get hurt!” Abigail defended them.

Darren clapped his hands.

Instantly, dozens of her friends appeared behind him.

“No! Levi was hugging Abigail on campus. Silas saw them and wanted to stop them, but Levi beat him up!”

“Yes, Levi was the one who’d started it.”

“I’d heard it with my own ears. Levi kept insulting them, claiming that Taekwondo was trash!”

Abigail was stunned.

How dare they twist the facts?

“Nonsense! Silas started insulting Erudia first. As Erudians, where is your conscience? Did you forget how he’d insulted our country this morning?” Abigail cried.

These students stiffened, but swiftly retorted, “Ha! Did he? No, he didn’t. Silas is a kind person. How would he insult Erudia?”

“Yes, you have an affair with your brother-in-law and had beat him up because he’d caught you in the act!”

A repeated slander made others believe it.

As so many people were condemning Levi and Abigail, even Zoey was embarrassed by their accusations.

“No! Silas hit Kyle first! We can ask Kyle to prove our innocence!” Abigail suddenly suggested.

At the same time, Kyle revealed himself. He was standing at the back of the crowd the whole time.

“Impossible. Levi was the one who’d hit me. I was condemning him with Silas, but he did this to me!”

Kyle was glaring at Levi viciously.

Darren was smug. “What else do you have to say?”

“Levi and Abigail have to apologize! Levi must pay for what he’s done!” Kyle and the dozens of students shouted.

It was as if Levi was in the wrong.

Between the Gonzales family and Levi, Kyle chose the Gonzales family.

Thunderstruck, they instantly understood what was going on.

The Gonzales family and Darren had arranged for everything to happen.

No matter how wealthy Kyle’s family was, he dared not go against the Gonzales family.

They pushed the blame to Abigail and Levi, using the Gonzales family’s influence to twist the truth!

Levi felt chills spreading across his chest upon that sight.

Where are their consciences?

Back then, when Silas insulted Erudia, everyone was involved.

When I took action, they cheered for me.

But now, they are turning their backs to me by framing me.

Well, that’s disappointing.

Abigail knew why these students were willing to commit perjury. Besides the Gonzales family and Darren’s coercion, Silas was an exchange student, so they had no choice but to do so.

If they offended the exchange students, they’d be ostracized by other students, as exchange students enjoyed a high status on campus.

Right then, the Lopez family rushed over after hearing the news.

Even Iris who lived next door, arrived.

After hearing the claims, they started hurling out accusations.

“I was right! Levi’s nothing but a beast! He’s harbored indecent thoughts for my sister-in-law, and now, he’s involved with his other sister-in-law!”

“He’s even offended the Gonzales family. He’s dead meat for sure!”

“I suggest for Zoey to divorce him as soon as possible!”

Fabian and the others spoke up.

Even Iris appeared exasperated. “Why did you beat him up with no reason? You’re in deep trouble now, for offending the Gonzales family.”

“Isn’t Zoey good enough for you? Why did you seduce Abigail?”

Indeed, Levi and Abigail were rendered speechless.


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