Return Of The God Of War Chapter 329

Chapter 329

This time, Darren and the Gonzales family had an absolute advantage.

“From what I know, Silas holds a black belt in Taekwondo. You must be good at fighting, huh? Why don’t we fight?” Luke stared at Levi, seemingly interested in him.

“What? You’re Luke Gonzales, the top fighter in North Hampton?”

Harry and the others’ expressions changed abruptly.

They had heard about this man. Normally, he would stay out of minor matters. However, if he took action, he would often cripple or kill his opponent.

Levi was done for!

He was screwed.

“Remember, come to Mr. Parks before twelve, at midnight. If you don’t show up, everyone here should prepare to suffer from the Gonzales family’s wrath!”

Luke left right after warning them.

Before Darren left, he shot Zoey a smirk.

I must sleep with her no matter what.

After Luke and his men left, the Lopez family started cursing.

Levi had brought them into this mess by offending the wealthiest Gonzales family!

No one could afford to offend them.

“Quick, go see him now!” the Lopez’s urged.

Caitlyn was sobbing profusely. “Why won’t you stop inviting trouble? We’re finally living well, but you had to do this to us!”

Aaron sighed, “Why did you offend the Gonzales family out of a sudden?”

“You must go for Zoey’s sake!” Iris told him.

However, Zoey refused to let Levi leave. “No! If you go, they’ll beat you up!”

“Levi, if you’re a man, you should bear the responsibility for your own actions!” Iris, Harry, and the others reprimanded.

“Okay, I’ll go,” Levi agreed.

“I’ll come with you.” Zoey stood up.

“There’s no need for that. I can handle it myself.”

Meanwhile, Darren was waiting at Lafite Mansion.

Luke had left earlier on, as the Gonzales family was only used to intimidate them.

Finally, at twelve, Levi arrived.

“Mm? You’re here alone? Zoey must be here, too!” Darren chortled.

With the Gonzales family’s support, he was certain that he would get Zoey soon.

Upon seeing Levi, Darren’s men surrounded him immediately.

To their astonishment, Levi was not nervous at all. He plopped down onto the sofa and lit a cigarette.

His calm demeanor caught Darren by surprise.

What is he doing?

“Winston Gonzales is your backer right?” Levi inquired.

“How dare you address Mr. Gonzales in such a manner!” Darren roared.

Smiling, Levi replied, “Winston Gonzales? He’s a mere prey to me.”

“What? How dare you insult him?”

Darren and his men were incredulous.

“So what if I’d insulted him? I can beat him up too!” Levi smoked as he told them calmly.

“What? The nerve of you! Today, I’ll help Mr. Gonzales punish you! Beat the crap out of him!” Darren demanded furiously.

Dozens of men rushed to Levi at once.

However, right then, the door crashed open with a huge bang.

Dozens of mercenaries with different skin colors rushed into the mansion.

The team of mercenaries led by James was so skilled, that Darren’s men were defeated in no time.

“Him, too!”

Levi pointed at Darren.

James strode over to Darren and grabbed his collar as though he was a little chick.


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