Return Of The God Of War Chapter 330

Chapter 330

He punched Darren so forcefully that blood spurted out from him.

Darren was stunned.

James continued punching Darren until he fainted, his blood pooling on the ground.

In the end, Levi finished his cigarette before leaving the scene.

When Levi returned home uninjured, everyone was shocked.

“Huh? What happened? Didn’t they find fault with you?”

They stared at Levi, utterly confused.

“No. I’ve solved the matter. It’s fine, you can go home now!” Levi answered.

Meanwhile, Winston was asking Una, “How did it go? Did Darren cripple Levi?”

“Grandpa, let me ask them.”

Una wanted to see Levi getting beaten up too.

“What? Darren is in the hospital because someone had beaten him up? He’s faring worse than his son?”

Una was dumbfounded to hear that, after she made the phone call.

It was late at night, but Winston, Una, and the others rushed to the City First Hospital.

Darren had survived, but he was still unconscious.

Upon seeing Darren wrapped up like a tortilla in the ICU, Winston could feel his anger boiling up.

Darren was small fry, but he was backed by Winston.

As he had gotten beaten up, it had harmed the Gonzales family’s reputation.

Winston could not allow that to happen.

“Levi Garrison! I can’t take this anymore! Since you keep provoking me, I won’t let you off the hook!” Winston howled angrily.

“Levi knew that Darren was backed by us, but he’d hurt him nonetheless. He paid no heed to us and has insulted us!”

The other members of the Gonzales family were infuriated.

“We must cripple Levi! Otherwise, it’ll be detrimental to our reputation!”

Soon, news about Darren’s injuries spread to the Lopez family.

They were shocked to hear such news.

It was revealed that Levi had handled the matter by beating him up.

“Bastard! I’ll kill him now!” Harry was enraged.

Zoey received his phone call and immediately woke Levi up.

“What did you do? Did you hurt another person? Do you want to ruin my life?” Zoey almost burst into tears in anger.

How can Levi court disaster so easily?

“Don’t worry, the Gonzales family will apologize to me in no time,” Levi replied confidently.

“You’re beyond saving.”

Zoey could not sleep and went to Iris for help, while Levi resumed his nap.

The next day.

News spread around North Hampton swiftly that someone had provoked the wealthiest man around… Winston Gonzales, in public.

Beating Darren was akin to humiliating Winston.

In the morning, the Gonzales family’s fleet of cars was lined up outside.

Winston wanted to teach Levi a lesson to show the entire North Hampton that he was still as influential as he had been, previously.

Before they left, Winston’s son, Andy ran towards him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Andy inquired curiously.

“We’re going to teach Levi a lesson!” Winston replied.

“You can’t go now. The new commander-in-chief, Percy Covington, is about to arrive in North Hampton. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will find out about his arrival soon. We must pick him up before they do!” Andy seemed anxious.

“So soon?” Winston was surprised.

“Yes, I have no idea why Commander-in-Chief Covington arrived in North Hampton earlier than expected. After receiving the news, I came over at once,” Andy responded.


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