Return Of The God Of War Chapter 332

Chapter 332

Hundreds of men alighted from the cars and strode towards Levi’s house menacingly.

Everyone who saw them hurriedly stayed out of their way, and the security guard had already disappeared.

Zoey and Iris were next door, when the men had arrived. Zoey instinctively wanted to head out, but Iris stopped her from doing so.

“You can’t go! The Gonzales family sent these men, so Levi has to handle them himself!” Iris urged.

The Gonzales family’s security team knocked on the door continuously.

Their incessant knocks woke Levi up. He came to the door, utterly annoyed.

“You’re so noisy!” he roared once he opened the door.

“How insolent! Levi Garrison, do you know what you’ve done wrong?” Luke demanded.

“What did I do wrong?” Levi retorted.

“You knew that Darren was backed by the Gonzales family, yet you’d harmed him repeatedly. Are you paying no heed to us?” Una questioned angrily.

“How dare a lowly family like yours act up in front of me? You have a death wish!” Levi was furious.

“Levi Garrison, damn you!” Una glared at him.

Even Una was cursing angrily.

Right then, Winston’s convoy arrived at Bayview Garden’s entrance.

The security guard at the entrance was wondering, why has another convoy arrived? Is something going on?

“Thank you, Mr. Gonzales. I don’t think that you should come, as he dislikes strangers,” Percy smiled and thanked Winston.

“Okay, see you later, Mr. Covington!”

Winston and the others watched, as Percy walked into Bayview Garden.

However, they did not leave at once.

“Find out who’s the relative that Percy was talking about. I want details about that man!” Winston ordered.

“Yes, Sir!”

Winston summoned two of his men. “Come, let’s find out which building Mr. Covington is heading to.”

Meanwhile, Levi and Una were still glaring at each other.

Luke stepped forward with a mocking smile on his face. “I normally wouldn’t have to deal with nobodies like you, but as you’ve insulted the Gonzales family one too many times, I’m here to teach you a lesson!”

Una sneered, “If you’re willing to grovel at my feet, I might consider letting you off the hook.”

Levi fixated his gaze on Una.

Suddenly, he slapped Una across her face without warning.

That was a crisp and loud slap. Everyone who saw that happened was stunned, let alone Una herself.

As Una felt a stinging pain on her cheek, she belatedly realized that he had slapped her.

“You… How dare you slap me?” Una held her cheek as she stared at Levi in disbelief.

“Bastard! Luke, get him!” she yelled in fury.

Upon receiving her order, Luke took action at once.

He struck his fist out, which was accompanied by a blast of air.

The force generated from his punch caused everyone to take a step back.

His punch was so powerful!

It was no wonder that he was the top fighter in North Hampton!

Levi stood rooted to the spot as if he were dumbfounded, so Luke was certain that his powerful and swift punch would wound Levi badly.

When Luke’s punch was about to land on Levi’s face, someone suddenly appeared in front of him and took his punch.

Luke immediately sensed a powerful energy attacking him.

He stumbled six steps back before he came to a stop.

His gaze was filled with shock as he stared at Percy, standing right before him.

Levi did not expect him to show up in person.

Percy might have retired because of his injury, but he was still a skillful soldier.

He was once a courageous soldier on the battlefield who had protected Erudia.


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