Return Of The God Of War Chapter 333

Chapter 333

There were no wimps in the Iron Brigade!

“How dare you gather in public? Have you no respect for the law?” Percy inquired icily.

Una defended herself, “Ha! The Gonzales family is the law in North Hampton! You seem skillful. Do you want to work for us? We are going to beat this man up today. Get out of our way!”

Luke was still staring at Percy. It had been ages since he had encountered someone as skillful as him.

“I hate bullies, so I’ll intervene in this matter today!”

Levi might be the God of War, but he would also intervene, even if Levi was an ordinary citizen.

“Do you want to die?” Luke exclaimed in fury.


When he was about to take action, someone reprimanded him.

Everyone looked back to see Winston approaching them.

“Grandpa, I thought that you’d gone to pick Mr. Covington up from the airport? Why are you here?” Una was curious.

Winston was close to exploding in anger.

Fools! Commander-in-Chief Covington is standing right in front of you!

“Grandpa, we were about to teach Levi a lesson when this fool showed up. Luke, deal with him!” Una ordered.

Before Luke could take action, Winston strode up to her, slapping her hard.

Una’s right cheek swelled up at once, and her pretty face was swollen like a pufferfish.

Una was dumbfounded.

She did not expect to be slapped twice in such a short time.

The others including Percy were astounded, too.

“Grandpa, why did you slap me?” Una wailed.

Luke questioned curiously, “Sir, what’s going on?”

Winston barked angrily, “Do you know who he is? He’s the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone, Percy Covington!”

Everyone gasped in shock upon hearing his words.

They were utterly flabbergasted!

It turned out that the man was a warzone’s commander-in-chief.

What a huge misunderstanding it was!

Luke belatedly realized what he had done.

He instantly broke out into a cold sweat.

Even Una was rendered speechless as she gazed at Percy.

She had never imagined that he would be the commander-in-chief.

S***, I’d even insulted him and claimed that the Gonzales family was the law in North Hampton!

After Percy figured out what was going on, he scoffed, “So you’re from the Gonzales family. You’re so different from Mr. Gonzales. He’s kind, yet you’ve acted like a tyrant, claiming that the Gonzales family was the law in North Hampton!”

Even Winston was shocked by Percy’s words.

Commander-in-Chief Covington is holding us accountable!

“Commander-in-Chief Covington, the ignorant are not guilty. It was a slip of the tongue. Please don’t take it to heart,” Winston apologized at once.

“Yes, Commander-in-Chief Covington, we’re sorry. Please forgive us!” Una and the others hurriedly apologized.

Luke was so frightened that he was about to grovel at Percy’s feet.

“Ha! You should be apologizing to him instead of me! How dare you bring so many people to disturb him in the morning?” Percy uttered in a wintry voice.

“Mr. Garrison, we’re sorry for disturbing you. Let’s call it even!”

Winston was a sly fox and hinted that he would stop finding fault with Levi over Darren’s matter.

It was a show, for Percy’s sake.


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