Return Of The God Of War Chapter 334

Chapter 334

“Yes, yes. Darren and his son deserve to be beaten up!” Una chimed in.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Garrison!” Luke led his men to apologize to Levi.

Upon seeing their actions, Percy nodded in satisfaction.

“This is much better. Mr. Gonzales, I won’t pursue this matter again. Think of it as me returning your favor, as you’ve given me a ride here,” Percy announced.

If we were elsewhere, these people should die, for insulting my God of War!

Percy decided not to pursue the matter further as he did not want to make a big deal out of it.

“Err…” Winston seemed stumped.

It will be hard to bootlick Covington after what has happened.

“I will bring these fools away. See you later, Commander-in-Chief Covington!”

Winston was about to leave with the others when someone spoke up.

“Wait. Did I tell you to leave?”

It was Levi. He was glowering at Winston and the others.

Percy won’t pursue the matter, but I will!

“What?” Winston and the others were incredulous.

Percy allowed us to leave, but Levi won’t?

Is he a leech? Who does he think he is? How dare he provoke our family?

“You’ve disturbed me this early in the morning. Do you think I am an easy target?” Levi uttered icily.

Winston and the others remained indifferent, but Percy was terrified.

He knew that Levi was mad.

Winston tried to suppress his anger as he inquired, “Mr. Garrison, then what should we do?”

“If you want me to let you off the hook, everyone in the Gonzales family should come and kneel in front of me for one day!

Otherwise, you’ll suffer from the same ending as the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce by disappearing from North Hampton!”

Levi’s voice was like a sharp knife.

Percy was certain that Levi really meant it.

North Hampton is crumbling, and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will be taken down as well, he thought.

“Hahaha!” Una burst out laughing.

“Levi, do you think you’re an influential man? Are you using Commander-in-Chief Covington’s influence to threaten us? You’re nothing but a leech! Dream on!”

Winston was infuriated too. “Commander-in-Chief Covington and us hold no grudges against each other. Don’t use him to threaten us!”

Levi merely sneered, “I’ve warned you the last time, but you’d refused to pay heed to my warning. Fine, go down together with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi’s statement sent Winston and his men into fits of laughter.

It turned out that Levi was an ambitious man who’d wanted to take down both the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

“Haha! What a joke. No one in North Hampton can take down our family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! Not even Mr. Nielsen can do so!”

“Yes, no one is capable enough of doing so!”

Winston and his entourage were full of pride.

Messing with them was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation!

Who was capable enough of doing so?

“Just wait and see how I’ll deal with your family,” Levi announced coldly.

“Alright. We’ll soon see about that,” Winston and his entourage chortled.

After bidding Percy goodbye, they left immediately.

They were unafraid of Levi. Instead, they were afraid of offending Percy.

“God of War, I am here to see you.”

Percy gazed at Levi excitedly and he was about to kneel.

Three years ago, before he retired, if Levi had not saved him on the battlefield, he would have been dead by now.

Levi was the one who had given him a new life.

“Covington, why are you here earlier than expected?” Levi asked.

“God of War, I am here to see both you and your wife,” Percy smiled and replied.

“Come on in!”

Levi brought him into the house.

Meanwhile, Zoey’s movements were still restricted by Iris.

“Hmm? Why is it so quiet out there?”


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