Return Of The God Of War Chapter 342

Chapter 342

It was the cover photo taken when the media had interviewed her previously. Presently, she was probably even more popular than some other celebrities! She knew if word got out about her secret, she would be ruined for life. Thus, there was no way she could allow that to happen!

Foregoing her previous stubborn and hard attitude, she weakly protested, “No matter which option it is, I can’t make this decision for the company!”

He spoke up in a confident voice, “Who are you trying to fool? The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is well-aware you call the shots in the company. All it takes is one sentence from you, and the company is sold!”

Iris felt her mind go blank. They had come after her specifically, which meant they had already planned out everything.

More importantly, she really did have the power to sell the company.

It would not be illegal either. She could just walk off without having to look over her back all the time.

Having given her the stick earlier, Louis thought he would give her the carrot now. “Think about it; even if you offend someone in the process of doing this, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will still back you up. They can also promise you the job position you want!”

“Oh yes, by the way, this offer only lasts for today. If you still can’t make up your mind, I’m going to release your secret!”

Face ashen, Iris asked, “One day is too short! Can’t you give me more time?”

“Sure! You just have to meet me at Wonder Hotel tonight. Also, remember to bring ten million with you. Otherwise, no dice!”

With that said, Louis exited the car without waiting for Iris to say anything.

As he walked off, he called Eric’s son, Phineas, “Mr. Robinson, it’s done! That b***h Iris will definitely sell off Morris Group within three days!”

“Good job. Have another ten million for your efforts!”

“Thank you, Mr. Robinson!”

Hanging up, he was beyond ecstatic.

“Looks like Lady Luck is smiling on me! At this rate, I’ll be able to earn 60 million AND sleep with Iris! What a wonderful day!”

Although he had Iris’ most personal secret as blackmail, the two of them had not actually slept together before she found out about him dating eight women simultaneously.

That was probably one of his biggest regrets, but it would seem he would finally have the chance.

Iris was slumped in her car seat with a look of absolute despair on her face.

If only she had not been so stupid as to allow him to find her secret…

But hindsight was twenty-twenty, and there was nothing she could do to change the past.

If she were being honest with herself, she felt like that secret of hers was more important than even her life.

She really would kill herself if that got out.

“What do I do? Should I really sell off Morris Group?”

She had no idea what she was supposed to do now.

“Either way, I should head back to the company first.”

She knew what Louis meant by tonight. He was forcing her to sleep with him to extend the time limit he gave.

Lost in a daze, she did not know how she managed to drive back to the company.

Just in front of the company building, she rammed right into another car.

The other driver got out of his car, yelling furiously, “What the hell? Are you blind or something? My signal lights were clearly on, yet why did you continue forward and crash into me? You – Eh? Iris?”

It took Levi several moments to register that the other driver was Iris.

To think he had just been cursing how the driver was swerving around the road like a drunken person!


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