Return Of The God Of War Chapter 343

Chapter 343

Levi’s loud voice snapped Iris back to her senses. “Huh? What happened?”

His voice was cold as he demanded, “What the heck, you were out of it the whole time? You hit my car!”

He got the feeling something was not quite right with the woman today. She seemed incredibly distracted.

Had something happened?

“Oh. Sorry?” she apologized sheepishly.

After that, she called the garage, and the two cars were towed away.

Frowning slightly, he queried, “Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” she murmured vaguely.

Levi suddenly said, “Your bra strap is showing!”

“What? Where?” She turned her head to check over herself. It was several beats later before it occurred to her that he was lying.

Pushing this incident to the back of his mind, Levi made his way to his office in the technical department. As usual, he settled down to have some tea and a smoke.

Isaiah approached him, saying, “Mr. Garrison, we don’t have enough technicians in the department, so I wish to cultivate some more men.”

“Okay. Go ahead!” Levi answered.

Isaiah continued hesitantly, “But we would need a huge sum of money for that…”

“Money isn’t a problem. You can cultivate whoever you wish; just let me know, and I’ll arrange it!”

“Got it, Mr. Garrison!” Isaiah replied in a delighted tone.

He really enjoyed working with Levi.

Everybody could tell Iris had something on her mind as she seemed incredibly absent-minded today.

She had not reviewed a single document and had basically sat there in her chair dumbly for many hours.

Everyone who worked with her closely on a daily basis was worried about their boss. She used to be so passionate and energetic, nothing at all like the zombie she was today.

“Maybe she’s on her period?”

This was the only explanation anyone could come up with.

On the other side of things.

Having suddenly obtained twenty million in a day, Louis was currently enjoying himself at a nightclub.

There were more than a dozen beauties in the small private room he was in, and he had his arms wrapped around the closest two.

“Lont, you little sh**, you’ve really hit the jackpot this time!”

The voice who had spoken belonged to a bald man sitting near him. This was Zack, the boss of Bar Street. Some of the biggest bars in North Hampton were under his protection.

Around Zack were several of his most capable men, each built like an ox.

Last time, Louis used to lead an adulterous life and could often be found spending his nights in nightclubs. That was how he grew so familiar with all these thugs.

In the end, it was because of his gambling addiction that he had borrowed more than one million from Zack. Unable to pay the thug back, he ran off overseas to escape his clutches.

Now that he was back and had obtained such a huge sum of money, he wanted to return the money he borrowed.

“Zack, give me your account number, and I’ll transfer you the money immediately!”

One million was practically nothing to Louis now. He had plans to remain in North Hampton for the foreseeable future and would need to maintain a good relationship with Zack if he wanted to run a business here.

Zack puffed on a cigarette, a sleazy smirk on his lips. “By the way, I heard you’re planning on sleeping with Iris Annabelle from Morris Group tonight?”

“That’s right! I hold her deepest, darkest secret in my hands, so she has to spend the night with me!” Louis answered smugly.

Zack chuckled and responded, “Just the thought of that b***h has me hungry!”

One of his subordinates piped up, “Yeah! She has a smoking hot body. With how cold and innocent she acts all the time, imagine how she would be like in bed!”

Ever since they saw Iris on the front of the magazine, they lost all interest in other women.

It did not matter that there were more than a dozen other beautiful women in the room with them now, all Zack wanted was her.

Compared to her, these women were nothing.


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