Return Of The God Of War Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Zack smacked a meaty hand down on Louis’ shoulder. “How about this, Lont.

You let us get a turn at her tonight, and I’ll forget all about the money you owe me! Also, from here on out, you’ll be my brother, and I’ll protect you from everything!”

Louis instantly agreed, “Sure! You can have first dibs, Zack, and I’ll go second.

The rest of your men should come too! Let’s all see for ourselves how good she can be in bed, shall we? Hehehe…”

“Hahaha, good man!” Zack could not wait!

One of his men asked, “Boss, do we need to prepare some equipment?”

A wicked smile twisted Zack’s face in response. “But of course!”

In her office, Iris was staring off into space when her phone rang.

It was Louis.

“Iris, it’s nearly time for you to get off of work. Have you made up your mind yet?”

Clenching her teeth, she squeezed out, “I-I…I have…”

“Okay, then head to Wonder Hotel after you get off work. I’ll come down to personally escort you to my room.”

After he hung up, Louis told Zack and the rest about the good news.

They were absolutely delighted and anticipation had them hurrying to the hotel as quick as they could.

At last, it was time to get off work.

Iris transferred ten million to a bank card and stuffed a pair of scissors into her bag before she left her office.

Her actions had the staff feeling puzzled.

Before, she would always work overtime till eleven or even twelve midnight. Yet today she’s leaving at six?

How strange…

But they were just her subordinates, so they did not bother themselves too much with her personal life.

At that moment, Levi finally woke up from his long nap. Stretching out the kinks in his back, he got ready to head back home.

“Don’t you guys think Ms. Annabelle has been acting so oddly today? She hasn’t gotten any work done at all and seemed strangely preoccupied with something.”

“I know, right? It’s so abnormal to see her like this. I’m sure she isn’t on her period either. It’s so weird!”

“I think it started this morning after she got that phone call…”

As Levi walked through the company, he overheard some women gossiping about Iris.

Their words had him freezing as a bad feeling rose in his gut.

“Oh no, I think she’s in trouble!” he muttered to himself.

He thought the car accident earlier this morning was a random event.

But it was starting to seem like there was really something strange going on here.

He hurriedly called Phoenix. “I need you to find out where Iris has been and who she’s talked to today!”

“Understood, Sir!”

At this time, Iris had arrived at Wonder Hotel.

Louis was already waiting for her in the lobby.

Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she headed toward him.

“We’re not in any hurry, so let me check the money first.”

Despite his eagerness to sleep with her, he still had his head on straight.

He had to get the ten million first before he would indulge himself.

Satisfied he had the money, he lead the way upstairs.

Clutching her handbag tighter, Iris followed along behind him meekly.

A few minutes later, they entered the presidential suite he booked.

Before she could say anything, five men walked out from the depths of the suite.

The baldheaded man at the front was watching her with a greedy smile on his lips…

Sensing a bad vibe from these men, Iris backed away warily.

“Who are you guys? What do you want?”

Rubbing his hands together, Zack replied, “Babe, no need to be scared. I just wanna be friends with you! Hehehe…”

The rest of the men chortled as they neared her. “Yeah, baby! We all just want to be friends.”


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