Return Of The God Of War Chapter 345

Chapter 345

“Louis Lont, you bastard! I’m leaving!”

Spinning around, Iris made to leave but was too slow.

In a flash, Zack had moved between her and the door. Locking it, he turned to step closer to her.

“Why the hurry to leave, babe? I promise I’ll be gentle!” he leered as his eyes seemed to be undressing her.

Louis sniggered and stated, “Iris, meet Zack. Don’t worry… He just wants to get to know you better!”

Feeling trapped, she shouted, “Louis, what the hell is the meaning of this? What are you trying to do? Have you already forgotten about the deal with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce?”

Louis twitched slightly as he was reminded of his primary reason for being back in the country.

“Well, didn’t you say you wanted more time? Fine, I’ll make a deal with you! If you sleep with all of us tonight, I can give you three more days. Decline, and I’ll let the whole world see those photos of yours! Oh wait, I have a better idea. Zack, you guys wanna see her private photos? I can show them to you!”

Clearly impatient, Zack was quick to agree, “Of course! Hurry up and let me see them!”

“Wait!” Iris yelled in frustration and anger, “Louis Lont, you’re a devil!”

“Thank you for the compliment!” Louis laughed.

She insisted firmly, “I’ll pay you twenty million, but I’m not doing anything else with you.”

“Zack, just do it! This woman is very conservative and proud. She values her reputation above all else. So as long as we record everything, she’ll definitely listen to us from now on!” Louis revealed.

“Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting a long while for this!”

Zack was about to pounce on her when she pulled out the scissors from her bag.

“Don’t come any closer!” she threatened as she swiped at them with the weapon.

Zack took one step forward before he swiftly punched her wrist. The pain had her yelping and dropping the scissors.

Instantly, she was swarmed by the men, and they dragged her to the bedroom.

Zack tossed her unceremoniously on the bed.

Tears of shame and fear dripped down her face.


Utter despair!

She had underestimated how heartless Louis could be.

Now there was no one to help her.

All kinds of recording equipment had been set up in the room as well.

She was doomed!

Just the thought of what was about to happen had her wishing to commit suicide.

Eager to get started, Zack hastily undressed and swallowed some pills.

“Let’s begin, eh, boys?”

Just as he was about to crawl on the bed, a voice drawled from behind them.

“What fun this looks like. Do you guys mind if I join the party?”

Louis, Zack, and the other men whipped around in shock, only to see Levi standing there smoking.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my room?” Louis demanded.

A savage expression crossed Zack’s face, and he snarled, “Get him, boys! Beat him up good! I absolutely loathe it when people interrupt me just as I’m getting down to business!”

At Zack’s order, his four subordinates lunged toward Levi.


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