Return Of The God Of War Chapter 351

Chapter 351

Soon, the van drove through the gates of a private villa.

This was the personal property of the Lopez family in North Hampton, and nearly no one knew about it.

Levi was pulled out of the car before being taken to the basement.

When his blindfold was taken off, he saw Nueve and Trey kneeling beside him. Their faces were swollen badly, showing they had taken a beating before he had arrived.

The two men were clearly surprised to see him. “Mr. Garrison, you too?”

Levi shot them a smile but did not speak.

Though, the sight of him served to relax the two men.

They had been worried about whether they would survive this, but now that he was here, there was nothing to worry about anymore.

Nueve bellowed, “Who are you? Do you have any idea who we are?”

The thirty men remained silent, merely staring at them with killer intent in their eyes.

At that moment, the door swung open, and several men walked inside.

The middle-aged man walking at the front was dressed in a black suit, with a pair of golden-rimmed glasses perched on his nose.

He sneered, “Levi Garrison, Trey, and Nueve, right?”

“Who the f*** are you?” Trey demanded.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Wesley Lopez of the South City Lopez family!”

“What? The South City Lopez family?” Nueve and Trey exchanged glances with grim expressions.

Comparing the Robinsons to the Lopez family was like comparing a kitten to a tiger. The latter was the biggest family in South City.

While North Hampton took the lead in economic development, South City was just better in general for everything else.

“You know the guy you killed, Quentin Lane? He’s my uncle’s godson.”

Nueve and Trey nodded. “Yeah, we did. However, we only retaliated because he tried to kill Mr. Garrison first!”

Wesley’s expression darkened at their words. “The way you phrase it makes it sound like you both answer to him?”

The two men snickered before Trey spoke up, “But of course! We live to serve Mr. Garrison!”

“It doesn’t matter what you do to us, but your biggest mistake was going after Mr. Garrison!” Nueve added meaningfully.

“Hmm? Why?” A sliver of unease rose in Wesley.

Zoey and Iris got to the Lopez family residence as fast as they could.

When Harry caught sight of Zoey, he snorted. “Why have you decided to grace us with your presence so early in the morning?”

“Grandpa, I need your help!” Zoey said tearfully.

At her words, Harry and the rest of the family guffawed.

“To think a day would come where you come asking us for help! You’re the great president, Ms. Lopez, aren’t you?” Henry mocked.

If she had to, Zoey would get down on her knees and beg. As it was, she pleaded, “Grandpa, Levi has been kidnapped! Please save him!”

“Hahaha! Isn’t this just perfect? He pissed off someone he shouldn’t have and is going to get killed for it!”

“Yeah! Good riddance, I say! Rather than leave such trash lying around in the family, might as well get rid of him as soon as possible!”

Everyone was chortling merrily at the news of Levi’s misfortune.

Harry took this chance to suggest, “Zoey, Grandpa thinks what has happened to Levi is a good thing as well. You can use this opportunity to divorce him and marry someone else.”

“Grandpa, I won’t divorce him, ever! All I want to do now is save him. Only you can help him now! Please, help us!”

With a thump, Zoey fell to her knees before Harry.

“Zoey Lopez! Have you gone mad? You’re actually kneeling for a rapist?”

“Yeah! What’s so great about that little weasel? Is it really worth it for you to resort to this?” Everyone muttered angrily.

Harry furrowed his brow and asked, “Did you say I was the only one who could save him? What did you mean by that?”


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