Return Of The God Of War Chapter 352

Chapter 352

“Levi was snatched by a member of the South City Lopez Family! He got on the bad side of someone named Sebastian!” Zoey truthfully reported.

“What? The South City Lopez family? Sebastian?”

Fear struck Harry like a bolt of lightning, turning his legs to jelly.

“What’s wrong with the South City Lopez family. Grandpa?” Shaun asked, puzzled.

“You may be unaware, but we are distantly related to the South City Lopez family.

We’re part of the massive Lopez clan. Let me put it this way. We, the South Hampton family, are still leagues away from the South City Lopez family.

They would not even grace us with a second look, much less permit us to recognize them as blood relatives! This Sebastian character is even more frightening.

His nickname is Hades, and he’s notorious for slaughtering people without mercy! Offending him is the equivalent of earning a ticket to hell!”

After Harry’s elucidation of the situation set in, chills ran up Zoey’s spine.

Levi pissed off such a demon?

This is even more terrifying than the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

What do we do now?

“Grandpa, you’re familiar with the South City Lopez Family. You have to know of a way to save Levi!” Zoey burst out, her voice tinged with anxiety.

Harry only shook his head. “Impossible! I’m but a mere bug in the eyes of the South City Lopez Family! I have no right to vouch for Levi at all!”

“I’m begging you, Grandpa! I can’t let anything happen to Levi! Please!” Zoey pleaded desperately, tears raining down her cheeks.

“It’s too difficult! It might end up causing trouble for our family!” Harry shook his head helplessly.

“Grandpa, please help me out just this once! I want to give it our best shot at the very least!” Zoey was out of options.

Harry was unconvinced.

“Please try Grandpa! I’ll agree to anything!” Zoey’s tears gushed out of her eyes.

At her words, Harry’s eyes lit up. “Okay. You said it yourself. You’ll really agree to anything I say?”

Zoey nodded vigorously. “Yes. I will. Grandpa, as long as you save Levi, I swear I’ll do anything you want!”

“Okay then. I’ll see what I can do! If Levi makes it out, you are to transfer the entire company to me and back out of your own accord!” Harry announced.

Zoey froze. Sadness crept over her heart.

Even at a time like this.

Grandpa still chose to plot against her.

“Fine. You have my word!”

She was ready to sacrifice everything in order to save Levi.

“Your word isn’t enough. We’ll sign a contract to seal the deal!” Harry said.

Henry immediately typed out a contract.

After reading through the terms, Zoey signed it.

The Lopezes were delighted.

All of Zoey’s inheritance was finally theirs.

It had been a long and arduous wait for this day.

They trusted Harry inexplicably.

Since he had given his word, success was guaranteed.

Harry was extremely confident.

Decades ago, he had attended one of the Lopez family’s annual meetings. He was granted assurance that the South City Lopez family would support all the family branches.

The South City Lopez family promised to help them with one instance.

Harry had been holding on to this chip for years.

He was wisely biding his time in order to wait for the perfect opportunity.

A window of opportunity had finally shown itself.

After all, Zoey’s inheritance was worth close to a billion.

“Okay, let me call and try!” Harry grabbed the receiver of the landline.

“Hello Sir, I am Harry from North Hampton. Unfortunately, I’m calling to trouble you. I would like to activate the promise given to me at the annual meeting!”

“Are you certain you want to use it now, Harry? You only get one chance!” The voice on the other end of the call coldly warned.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Harry nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay then. What do you need?”

Harry recounted Levi’s situation to the Lopez family


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