Return Of The God Of War Chapter 353

Chapter 353

A moment later, a call was returned.

“The matter has been settled. Sebastian agreed to let him go!”

The South City Lopez family was unaware of Wesley’s scheme. Sebastian only agreed to let the matter regarding Levi rest.

Harry was absolutely overwhelmed by this result.

Both Zoey and Iris let out sighs of relief.

Levi was safe.

“Someone print the final contract for the transfer! Once Levi shows his face, we’re signing it!” Harry could not be more eager.

Although bitterness pricked her, Zoey had no regrets.

If Levi’s safe, losing him for the company is worth it!

Meanwhile, in the underground cellar of the Lopez family’s private manor.

Wesley glared daggers at Levi and the rest. “I don’t care who you are! No matter what it takes, I’m taking your decapitated heads to my uncle! Someone come and chop their heads down now!”

After issuing his order, Wesley turned to avoid the imminently gruesome scene.

Thirty men lunged forward, poised to strike Levi and the rest.

With a loud bang, Levi managed to escape his bonds and struck his attacker.

His victim was sent flying across the room.

Another loud bang resonated. This time, he had launched a spinning kick which propelled another attacker backwards.

Levi was taking on the battle by himself.

He weaved into the crowd, throwing a series of rapid attacks. Each extension of his limb resulted in the collapse of at least one of his opponents.

Within thirty seconds, all thirty mercenaries were sprawled over the ground.

All of them had at least seven or eight broken bones.

Nueve and Trey were frozen in shock.

They had never seen Levi in action and assumed he was a regular man.

Neither expected him to be a master of combat!

Wesley sensed that something was wrong and slowly turned around.

The moment he turned, terror seized him.

All the trained experts were defeated?

It’s insanely impressive!

“Sebastian was it? Send him a gift on my behalf!” Levi stalked over and came to a stop right in front of Wesley.

Wesley spluttered, “What gift?”

One swift kick to the shin and a horrible cracking sound echoed through the room.

Three more kicks followed in succession. All of Wesley’s limbs had been broken.

With a strangled howl of agony, Wesley finally understood what Levi meant by ‘gift’.

He succumbed to the darkness shortly after.

“Dig into the identities of these people! They were no ordinary men!” Levi instructed Nueve and Trey.

Once they departed the manor, Levi started on his journey back to Zoey.

In the Lopez family residence.

“Grandpa, is Levi out of danger yet?” Zoey urgently pressed.

“I’m sure he’s fine, Sebastian gave his word that he would drop the matter!” Harry muttered dismissively.

“Let’s give it a while more. As a last resort, we’ll just call the police!” Iris did not trust the Lopez family at all.

Just then, Levi strolled in.

“See? I told you he was fine!” Harry grinned triumphantly.

The rest of the family gazed at Harry with unadulterated admiration.

Grandpa is amazing. He managed to convince the South City Lopez family to release Levi after a single phone call.

Even Iris had to admit Harry was impressive.

The moment Zoey laid eyes on Levi, she leapt into his arms, pulling him close.

Zoey had never been more fraught with worry in her life.

“I’m fine! There’s no need to cry! Let’s go back!” Levi murmured comfortingly.

“Why don’t you head to work with Iris? I have some business to discuss with Grandpa.” Zoey said.



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