Return Of The God Of War Chapter 354

Chapter 354

Iris led Levi out and they made their way to the office.

Zoey signed the transfer papers and Harry insisted on taking them to a lawyer’s office for verification.

“From now on, Ms. Lopez will have nothing to do with Imperial Meadows.” The lawyer declared.

“Yes, yes, I know.” Zoey could not stop the tears which surged and overflowed.

“Wait, you’re so capable Zoey. Why don’t you come work for my company?” Harry offered facetiously.

“No thanks!” Zoey resolutely turned him down and left the family residence, her cheeks wet with tears.


Uproarious laughter erupted from the rest of the family.

Only a few months till Zoey’s inheritance becomes all ours!

At long last, the day has finally come!

“Tonight, we’re celebrating at the best hotel in town!” Harry was at peak jubilance.

“Father, should we invite Aaron?” Harry giggled smugly.

“Of course! We need to let the unfilial maggot see for himself how I’ve gained control of his family’s properties! Hahaha…” Harry guffawed gleefully.

Zoey scurried back to Bayview Garden.

She had lost everything.

She would most likely be unable to afford the rent from then on.

But she had no regrets.

Levi was safe, and that was all that mattered to her.

Iris neglected to inform Levi of this development, hence he was none the wiser.

“Mr. Garrison, we’ve found the information you requested! Those people were trained assassins who belong to the Robinson family!” Nueve reported.

Things instantly clicked for Levi. The Robinsons were the ones pulling the strings.

“Good. Once the swearing-in ceremony is over, you guys will be the first to go!” A flash of steely hostility crossed Levi’s gaze.

After work, Iris brought Levi back.

Before she exited the car, Iris issued an austere remark, “Treat Zoey well. The burden of the family rests on your shoulders from now on!”

Levi found her words strange.

I’ve always been good to Zoey!

Back home.

Zoey looked like she had been crying.

“What’s wrong, honey? Why the tears?” Levi asked with curious concern.

“It’s nothing. I just felt like crying for some reason…” Zoey dried her eyes.

“You have a weird hobby…” Levi smiled.

Suddenly, someone pounded on their door.

When Levi opened the door, Aaron and Caitlyn bolted past him straight towards Zoey.

“What’s wrong with you, Zoey?” They asked in surprise.

Zoey’s voice caught in her throat and she struggled to come up with a reply.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Zoey?” Levi was bewildered by their reactions.

Aaron shot Levi a glare. “Don’t you know what happened? Because of you, Zoey gave her entire inheritance to the Lopez family!”

“Exactly! She’s now penniless!” Caitlyn roared.

“Wait. What?” Levi was floored.

“You were captured by the South City Lopez family so, in order to save you, Zoey agreed to Father’s terms. Your safe return in exchange for her entire inheritance!”

“Since you were saved, Zoey had to make good on her word!”

“It’s all your fault! We were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you wrecked it! Why did you have to offend the Lopez family?”

Aaron and Caitlyn were ready to unleash their fury on Levi.

“I admit to pissing off the South City Lopez family. But Harry was not the one who saved me. I managed it by myself! It had nothing to do with him!” Levi explained in frustration.

He turned his attention to Zoey. “You’ve been tricked. It really wasn’t Harry who saved me. Why didn’t you just ask me?


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