Return Of The God Of War Chapter 355

Chapter 355

Zoey was stunned.

She believed Levi.

“As if! Don’t you know who Sebastian is? They’re on par with the most elite family from North Hampton. How would you be able to make it out on your own after incurring their wrath?”

“Exactly! We all saw Father make the call to Sebastian, who promised to let you off!” Aaron and Caitlyn snapped.

Zoey was also looking at Levi suspiciously.

None of them would believe his claims.

Levi did not bother to explain himself any further.

After all, regardless of what he said, his words would not be taken seriously.

Harry had chosen the perfect opportunity to wrap everyone around his finger.

Further elaboration was futile.

“Levi, please reflect on yourself! Zoey made the ultimate sacrifice all for your sake! She lost a multi-million company!” Aaron was close to tears in distress.

Levi was visibly touched by Zoey’s sacrifice.

She really loves me.

After all, a few million is more than enough to test one’s loyalty.

Yet, she chose to save me even if it meant losing a few billion.

“Since the company has already been transferred, there’s no point in crying over spilt milk! I’ll help Zoey start up a whole new company, one which will take the world by storm!” Levi asserted.

It aligned perfectly with the plan he was about to execute.

Soon, he would be purging North Hampton.

When the time came, there would be a surplus of resources in the market.

It would be the perfect opportunity for Zoey to step in.

She would also be helping Morris Group to share the load.

Then, no one would care about the crummy company the Lopez family stole.

“You’re all talk. Luckily, you work for Morris Group, else I would beat you to a pulp!” Aaron and Caitlyn smiled wryly as they exited.

Zoey beamed. “Stop teasing me, honey! As if I would be able to take the world by storm!”

“I’m serious! North Hampton is about to undergo a big shift! Just wait and see!” Levi announced.

He’s just trying to comfort me. I need to smile for his benefit.

“The Lopez family better watch their backs! I won’t let them get away with it so easily!” Levi’s eye glinted menacingly.

As the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon, the Lopez family was enjoying a stupendously lavish banquet.

“They didn’t even bother to show up!” Henry and a few other people screeched.

“Father, I suggest we scratch their names entirely off the family register! They’re as poor as church mice now!” Henry suggested.

Fabian nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s right. We’ve milked them for all they’re worth! What’s the point in keeping them around!”

“Yes yes! The Lopez family is now worth over a billion! How could we accommodate people like Aaron? How humiliating!”

“They’ll definitely come crawling back for help in the future. How bothersome!”

The rest of the people jabbered and brayed.

Harry was slightly tipsy and he nodded excitedly. “Okay! We’ll remove them from the family register at the family meeting tomorrow! From then on, we won’t have anything to do with them!”

“Hahaha. That’s great!” Henry and the rest applauded delightedly.

The next day.

Zoey and Levi were still slumbering.

An urgent call woke them abruptly and tore them from away from their deep sleep.

The call was from Aaron, who told them to hurry down to the Lopez family ancestral home.

By the time Levi and Zoey rushed to the scene, Aaron and Caitlyn had already arrived.

The location had been intentionally picked to be the family ancestral halls.


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