Return Of The God Of War Chapter 356

Chapter 356

“Dad, Mum, what’s wrong? What’s the rush?” Levi asked, puzzled.

“We don’t have a clue either! We were just told to meet at the ancestral halls. I think they’re announcing something big!” Caitlyn answered.

Aaron knitted his brows. “My right eyelid won’t stop twitching!”

Shortly later, Harry arrived with the rest of the Lopez family party at the ancestral halls.

Henry and the rest smirked sinisterly.

An uneasy feeling settled in the stomachs of Levi and the other three.

But they were certain of one thing. Nothing good could come out of this.

Harry seated himself on the wooden chair in front of the shrine and the rest took their seats according to seniority.

Harry quickly scanned the scene and sternly boomed, “Is everyone here?”

Fabian nodded in response. “Everyone is here Father!”

Harry was the first to offer up a joss stick.

“It’s been some time since we had a family meeting at the ancestral hall! Today’s meeting was called to announce…” Harry’s gaze fell on Aaron.

“After a long discussion with the family, I, of the North Hampton Lopez family, have decided to expel Aaron and his family from our clan!” He stated plainly.

Once the last word left his lips, every person present gaped in astonishment.

Levi and his family’s faces fell.

“What? Kicked out?”

The news was earth-shattering for the three of them. They could almost see their world crumbling around them.

We’re being removed from the family register!

What could be worse?

Such a blow threatened to push them off the cliff into the chasm of insanity.

Aaron looked at Harry in utter disbelief.

Caitlyn immediately dissolved into tears.

Tears were brimming in the rims of Zoey’s eyes.

Grandpa just robbed me of my assets worth close to a billion. How could he go so far as to burn all our bridges? How could he force us out of the family?

She could only sigh in resignation.

“All in favor, raise your hands!” Aaron yelled.

In a flurry of movement, the hands of Fabian and many others shot into the air.

“It’s settled! The move to remove Aaron and his family has the majority vote!” Henry chuckled.

He was completely indifferent to the feelings of the four people in question.

“Good luck to you guys. From now on, the North Hampton Lopez family shall have absolutely nothing to do with you! Please do not involve us in your matters from here on out!”

“I, Harry Lopez, are henceforth severing all ties with you! We shall be no better than strangers from now on!”

“Get out!” Harry ordered cruelly.

“Get out of the family! Get out of the family! Get out of the family!” The rest of the people chanted with ruthless determination.

“Might I suggest you change your last names? You’re undeserving of the Lopez name!” Henry sneered.

Zoey’s body was shaking with the force of her wails.

She was indignant!

She had never been wronged to such an extent in her life.

I don’t even deserve the Lopez family name now.

This is even worse than losing all my assets.

My own grandfather wants nothing to do with me.

Right after he snatched away close to a billion from me!

Caitlyn was not doing any better.

But neither of them was in worse shape than Aaron.

His birth father had cut ties with him and he was erased from the family register.

What more could be worse?

Seized by rage, Aaron spat out blood.

“Father, Aaron…”

Zoey and Caitlyn rushed to catch the teetering Aaron.

Aaron did not speak. He only glared directly at Harry.

“What? Haven’t given up?” Harry leered.

“Right. It’s not over!” Levi exclaimed.

“What does useless scum like you have to be upset about? You’re grossly unfit to be part of the Lopez family!”

“Exactly! Get out of the Lopez family! You useless scum!”

“You have no right to be here! Get out and stay away!”

Levi opened his mouth and the room fell silent.


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