Return Of The God Of War Chapter 357

Chapter 357

“Harry, would you believe me if I said you’ll live to regret this?” Levi hissed, his lips curled upwards in a malevolent smirk.

“Haha. Me? Regret? Impossible! I hold all of Zoey’s assets. What do I have to regret?” Harry retorted with an equally hostile smirk of his own.

The rest of the people stared at Levi like he was an idiot.

Aaron wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and fixed his eyes on Harry incredulously. “Father, must you go this far? What did I do wrong that you insist on kicking me out from the family?”

“Yes! The Lopez family has always had strict rules.

Erasing anyone’s name from the family register can only be a punishment for something egregious. What did Aaron and I do?” Caitlyn asked, choking back sobs.

Zoey’s gaze was also boring into Harry.

Harry exchanged a look with Henry before coldly replying, “Don’t you even know what you did? I worked to raise you and even opened a company for you. What about you guys?

You contributed nothing to the family! You even committed deplorable acts! But you want to leave the Lopez family! It’s the equivalent of betraying your ancestors!”

“Yes! Zoey’s company leaving the Lopez family is the equivalent of betraying the ancestors!”

“The punishment for betraying your ancestors is expulsion from the family!”

“Get out of the Lopez family!”

Henry and the rest chided and raged. They even shoved the four of them.

Aaron gazed at Harry despondently and asked, “Father, I’ll ask you one last time. Must you take it this far?”

“Leave! Never call me Father ever again! You’re no longer part of the Lopez family!” Harry rebuffed heartlessly.

He struck off the names of Aaron and the rest from the family register.

Aaron was no longer a member of the Lopez family. It was official.

At that moment, despite being a picture of masculinity, Aaron broke down into bawls of agony.

“Dad, Mum, Zoey. Let’s go!” Levi dragged the three of them out.

Despite trying to saunter away, their figures appeared forlorn.


The Lopez family guffawed and laughter resonated throughout the room.

We’ve finally got rid those burdens!

“From this day onwards, our family shall prosper!” Harry bellowed.

In the car.

Aaron and his family huddled together, sobbing.

This was the darkest hour of their existence.

They never would have imagined that the day would come where their names were erased from the family register.

They no longer belonged to the Lopez family.

Levi could only offer warm words. “The three of you are too nice! You’ve suffered silently at their hands for ages! All this time, you prioritized family, and allowed them to step all over you! If you think about it, they’re the ones who aren’t fit to be related to you! Look at how they treated you. After leaving you with nothing, they even kicked you out of the family! But this might be a good thing. From now on, you can focus on working hard without anything holding you back! I’ll make them pay! You can just sit back and wait for the day when I make them kneel before you and beg for forgiveness!”

The trio was in the throes of despair and merely took Levi’s words and passing remarks of comfort.

The Lopez family did not stop there.

The news spread like wildfire through the North Hampton media outlets.

‘Aaron Lopez and family betrayed the Lopez family and plotted to get ahold of all the Lopez family estates.’

‘Harry Lopez had no choice but to harden his heart and expel them from the family.’

Countless savage condemnations fell upon them.

Page after page depicted Aaron as a callous fiend, an ungrateful bastard.

“Such scum should just be sentenced to death! Why keep him around?”

“Yes! He even betrayed his family. He’s no better than a traitor!”

Aaron and Caitlyn did nothing to defend themselves.

Any attempt to do so would just result in more rebuttal and insults.

They were slandered!

Such malignance!


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