Return Of The God Of War Chapter 359

Chapter 359

“Sure!” Levi drove the car to an empty slot and parked.

After they got out of the car, Zoey and Aaron scanned their surroundings with fascination.

How are we allowed to be in such a solemn and sacred place?

What are we doing here?

They were burning with curiosity and fear as they held the military in high regard.

Zoey also spotted the luxury cars which they passed on the road, parked around them.

Something’s definitely going on!


At this moment, a shocked voice called out.

Levi turned to see the Gonzales family making their way over to him.

There were a large number of members present, ten of them to be exact.

Una walked right up to Levi and asked with a smile plastered on her face, “What are you doing here? Is this a place you’re allowed to be at?”

Winston broke out into a smile as well.

After all, it was no easy task getting an invitation to the ceremony.

It had posed somewhat of an issue even for an elite such as Winston, much less for commoners.

Yet, Levi came?

What kind of joke is this?

Levi replicated their expressions. “I’m here for the swearing-in ceremony of course!”


The Gonzales erupted into peals of laughter.

There were ‘regular’ people who were given invitations to the event, but they were gentries such as Winston and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The Rogers family, who were worth five billion, might stand a chance.

But Levi was far from being included in the realm of possibilities.

He had nothing to his name and was even kicked out of the Lopez family.

“You seem to be in a good mood Mr. Gonzales! Why are you laughing?”

The heads of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce appeared.

Winston smiled. “Do you know Levi, Robinson?”

Eric and his three companions froze momentarily before regaining his gait. “Of course I know him!”

Phineas Robinson kept his eyes trained on Levi. The lucky bastard. Wesley was this close to ending his life. Who would have expected Sebastian to drop the case? Thanks to him, my thirty masters are gone. Wesley must have brought them back to South City.

“Levi is also here to attend the swearing-in ceremony.”

After Winston’s revelation, the Robinsons dissolved into cackles.

“Who gave him the right to show his face here? Ha!”

The Robinsons scoffed before departing.

Levi was worth nothing in their eyes.

Before the Robinsons left, they made a slicing gesture across their necks. “Sooner or later, your head will roll, Levi Garrison.”

They sauntered off.

Aaron and the rest were breathing raggedly.

The tension from the interaction with North Hampton’s elite had been too overwhelming. They felt almost suffocated.

They could not believe Levi had made enemies of such people.

The last few seemed to bear intense hatred for Levi as well.

Just how much trouble did he cause?

“I have to say, hats off to you! You managed to piss off so many big-shots with one swing!” Aaron smiled wryly as he did not know how to react to this.

“Dad, Mum, it’s fine. After today, those people will all fall!” Levi chuckled confidently.

“Moving on, can you take us in? To the swearing-in ceremony?” Zoey asked.

“No problem!”

Levi led them into the camp with no problems.

A representative from the camp greeted them and gave them a tour.

Levi decided that he didn’t want them to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony in the end.

He felt that it wasn’t worth going, and they might as well have a tour around.

Winston and his group made their way into the hall of the barracks. He started to interrogate his son, Andy when he finally sat down.


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