Return Of The God Of War Chapter 360

Chapter 360

“Is Levi or Aaron on the guests’ list?”

Andy shook his head, “Nope. The list had long been ready. But Levi’s name is nowhere to be found.”


Winston and a few others laughed.

“Besides, Levi and the others aren’t even here in the hall. How is he supposed to attend the Grand Opening?” asked Andy.

Winston grinned brightly.

Levi was just a clown in their eyes.

Besides sheer luck, that clown had nothing else.

When the Gonzales family was dealing with Levi, Percy happened to be there to resolve the crisis.

And Harry was there when the Lopez family from South City intended to deal with Levi.


“Your good luck is going to be used up one day!” Una sneered.

Inside the hall arranged by the North Hampton Warzone, guests who were there for the ceremony flocked to their pre-arranged seats.

Winston and the other upper-class members of the society were seated in the first row.

Governor Jesse Nielsen and his men were also in the front seats. Even though Grover had stepped down, he was still more than qualified to be seated in the first row.

Xander Hoyles and Benny Quinton had also arrived and were seated.

Soon, most of the seats were filled up.

But there were still six empty seats in the first row.

Everyone knew what this meant.

These six seats were reserved for the God of War and his subordinates, the Five Great Wars Regiment.

Any one of them alone was enough to make the North Hampton tremble in fear.

Not to mention the God of War.

This is exciting!

This is really, really exciting!

Winston had never been so excited in his life. He was about to meet the legendary God of War!

Oh, how long have I waited for this day to come…

And it finally came!

There was a different meaning to it today.

The God of War and Benny Quinton were going to make their appearance together.

The commander-in-chief in charge was also the famed general of the Iron Brigade.

This would be quite a historic moment to witness.

Winston kept glancing towards the passageway. The anticipation he was feeling was overwhelming.

The younger generations of the Gonzales family were feeling honored and prideful from the bottom of their hearts.

Among all those from the younger generation of the North Hampton, who else was fortunate enough to attend such a ceremony?

This was the power of the resources they had.

The experience and networking they had accumulated were definitely enough to crush their competitors.

The billionaires of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were of no exception.

Compared to Winston, the God of War was relatively more like their last hope.

Because the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was in distress and the markets were disintegrating.

They would suffer if there wasn’t anyone to back them up.

The attendees quietened down after a short while.

Not long after, Percy marched into the venue with his military uniform on.

The attendees slowly stood up and welcomed Percy.

After all, he was going to be the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone after today.

But Percy didn’t walk over to the stage. He waited at the passageway instead.

Soon, Azure Dragon, Kirin and Phoenix arrived.

They were the Five Great Wars Regiment!

Their intimidating aura overwhelmed the audience in the hall.

This was the first time the famous Five Great Wars Regiment were onstage together.

Even Xander felt his blood boiling with anticipation.

Just the five of them was enough to kill an army of a thousand men.

Azure Dragon and the others stopped at the passageway too. Six of them including Percy stood in two rows as they waited.

Everyone knew what this meant.

They’re waiting for the arrival of the God of War!

Everyone stood up as they held their breaths and paid full attention to the passageway.

Sounds of footsteps could be heard shortly after.

A mighty silhouette had appeared at the passageway!

“Salute!” Percy yelled and gave a standard military salute.

All the soldiers followed suit.

Once the figure returned the salute, he began to walk into the hall with Percy and the others flanked beside him protectively.

Everyone’s hearts were pounding as it wasn’t an exaggeration that the seven people in front of them could save the world.


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