Return Of The God Of War Chapter 361

Chapter 361

This is exciting!

He’s the God of War!

He’s Erudia’s one and only 5-star rated God of War!

Una’s heart thumped as she watched the tall figure from afar.

Now that’s a true hero!

He’s the man of every woman’s dream!

Una fell in love with the man just by the sight of him.

The Gonzales family had also planned to do whatever it took to get Una to sleep with the God of War that night.

Una was very confident that she was going to be the God of War’s wife soon.

I’m going to be the wife of Erudia’s most respectable God of War.

Una could already see the bright future she was going to have.

The faces of Winston and his group were glowing. After today, I, Winston Gonzales, am going to be the Grandpa of the God of War!

The Gonzales family is going to prosper and become Erudia’s most powerful aristocratic family!

Before long, Levi and his group were finally in the hall and got to their reserved seats.

The attendees in the hall could only see the back of the God of War. He sat in a tall and upright manner, like the backbone of the nation; the Great Wall of Erudia.

The five stars on his shoulder shined brightly.

Right now, he was the biggest focus of the audience.

“One should have a son like the God of War!” exclaimed Winston.

“Don’t you think the God of War looks familiar?”

Winston and his group who were sitting a bit further behind couldn’t see quite as clearly.

So Winston, Eric, and the others started to put on their glasses.

“His back seems really familiar… I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before!” said Winston.

“That’s right! He looks familiar to me too, but I just can’t remember who he is…” said Una.

Meanwhile, Xander and Andy, who were sitting in the first row, broke out in cold sweat just after a glance at the God of War.

They had seen photographs of Levi before.

But they didn’t expect Levi to be the God of War.

Andy didn’t sit tight and fell onto the ground, attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

“What’s wrong with Andy? How can he make such a rudimentary mistake?” said Winston angrily.

The Gonzales family wore an unsightly expression on.

The ceremony finally began.

Almost an hour had passed since the ceremony started and Percy stood on the stage as he waited.

“Lastly, let’s welcome the God of War!” announced Xander.

Xander stood up and shouted to the audience, “Salute to the God of War!”

“To the God of War!”

Thousands of officers and soldiers shouted in unison.

Levi got on the stage in the midst of the shouts and stood facing everybody.

The attendees went crazy when they saw the face of the God of War as their dream finally came true.

All these years, the God of War was the military spirit of the soldiers.

They could die without any regrets now that they finally saw the God of War in person.

“I want to take a good look at how the God of War really looks like.”

Una and those who were younger immediately paled as they were shocked to see who the God of War really was.

Everyone was shocked at the revelation. It was like a bolt that came out of the blue sky.

Levi Garrison!

No one had expected Levi to be the God of War.

It was beyond their wildest imagination.

It’s actually Levi!

Una was dumbfounded.

Clint was dumbfounded.

Robinson was dumbfounded.

“Huh? What’s wrong with you guys? Are you shocked?”

Winston and the rest were confused as to why the younger ones were so shocked.

“We should take a look too!”

They turned.

Winston, Eric, and the others almost fainted when they saw Levi’s face.


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