Return Of The God Of War Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Winston was about to have a heart attack at that moment.

He coughed out another mouthful of blood!

“Is Winston here?” Levi increased his volume into a thunderous roar.

Everyone in the room felt the powerful aura Levi exuded.

“H-here… I’m here…”

Winston almost fell on his knees out of fear.

“How did you treat me when I saved your life the other day?”

Both Winston and Una fell onto their knees.

“How dare you repay my kindness with enmity? Your granddaughter threw money at me to humiliate me. She kept provoking me and even tried to kill me!”

The attendees were shell-shocked upon hearing what Levi had said.

The leaders of North Hampton looked at the Gonzales family in disbelief.

Where did they find the courage to do that?

They actually tried to kill the God of War?

Who on earth could bear with that?

It seems like even Xander Hoyles would have to destroy them!

“Will the Gonzales family retreat on your own, or do you need me to use my powers to make you disappear?” Levi asked coldly.

Levi said the words as though he was on a trial.

We’re really doomed!

North Hampton would never have stories about Winston the billionaire anymore!

“There’s also a personal grudge with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. Six years ago when my business start-up became successful, you coveted my skills and techniques. So you purposely set me up. You crippled me and sent me to jail. You coveted what I had so you took everything away from me!”

“What kind of punishment do you think you deserve?” asked Levi.

Eric Robinson and the others fell on their knees one after another.

At this very moment, they finally knew why Levi didn’t go against them right away.

He wanted to slowly replace North Hampton with Morris Group!

“You’re all the same as the Gonzales family!”

Levi looked at Jesse, “Nielson, arrest all those who are in the wrong!”

Eric and the others paled and they started to break into cold sweat.

They had done many things that violated the regulations in the years of expanding their business to its current state.

It was enough to get them all locked up!

Not to mention that there was solid evidence of them making a move against Levi Group. They couldn’t escape from evidence.

The group of people quickly looked towards Xander and Grover, hoping that they could save the day.

However, both of them lowered their heads.

They could at least have a say if it was the North Hampton.

But this is the freaking God of War!

He could stand his ground simply based on his strength and the law!

Grover quickly said, “The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is problematic!”

Jesse nodded as he said, “God of War, I’ll definitely get it done!”

“Alright, dismissed!”

No one had expected the Appointment Ceremony of the new commander-in-chief to end in this way.

The world of North Hampton had changed after an hour.

The most powerful North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family are ruined!

After they left the hall, Levi changed into casual clothes while Percy followed by his side.

The duo found Zoey and her group.

“Today has really been an eye opener!”

Aaron was in a great mood after a tour around the military camp. All the sorrow he felt earlier was gone.

“Mom, Dad, let me introduce you to my friend. This is Percy Covington. It’s all because of him that I’m able to get here today.” Levi said as he introduced Percy to the elderly.

Aaron shook Percy’s hands excitedly.

They were shocked.

Levi has friends like this too?

“May I know what your position is, Covington?” asked Aaron curiously.

“I’m just a lowly commander. It’s not worth mentioning,” said Percy with a smile.

Caitlyn nudged Aaron and said, “That’s classified information! Why are you asking that?”


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